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Marvel Finds Writers For It’s ‘THE ETERNALS’ Movie

Posted on May 16, 2018 by in The Screen | 1 comment

ETERNALSThe studio behind an entire decade of inter-connected Superhero wonder has lifted the veil on a piece of what phase 4 may include. Marvel Studios has revealed that they’ve chosen Matthew Firpo and Ryan Firpo to write a script based upon Jack Kirby’s ‘The Eternals’.

Both Ryan and Matthew Firpo’s latest writing credit includes the (rumored) Gal Gadot-led ‘Ruin’. ‘Ruin’ quickly rose to the very top of Hollywood’s 2017 Black List. If you are not familiar with that list, it is a ranking of Hollywood’s favorite unproduced screenplays.

Speculative conjecture began to rise in the past month when MCU-lead Kevin Feige dropped the Eternals name along with a list of other potential Marvel-based properties it is considering for later phases such as Moon Knight, Nova, Adam Warlock, Kamala Kahn and others. Some scoffed at the idea as too “out there’ for general audiences.  However, it seems a natural plot thread for Feige to pull.  Thanos just snapped his way in to theaters during last month’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ after many years of after-credit teasing.  Why do I mention this? Thanos is from a race called the “The Deviants” they are an aberration and are actually an off-shoot of the Eternals. One could say that (if we go by the comic book source material) with the very presence of Thanos in the MCU, we already have the presence of the Eternals.

ETERNALSFirst appearing in 1976’s The Eternals #1, volume ran for nineteen issues with both writing and art by iconic comic book creator Jack Kirby.  The ancient race of cosmic beings include Sersi (who it is said may be the primary focus of an Eternals movie), Ikaris, Uni-Mind, Ajak. The history of the Eternals interwined with Greek Mythology. For example, Sersi is the daughter of Perse and Helios and once had a famous encounter with Odysseus.  Ikaris is the father of Icarus, who is known for creating the Labyrinth and for attempting to escape Crete by using wings that his father (Ikaris) made.

We will bring you additional details on the project as they are made available.

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  1. Before Infinity War, the two GotG films, and Ragnarok, I would have been skeptical of MCU versions of the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, especially cool-but-trippy Kirby creations, a la the Eternals. However, after seeing how handily they’ve brought other cosmic and godlike beings to the big screen (the Asgardians and Surtur, Thanos and the Black Order, the Guardians, Ronan, Nebula, Ego, two of the Elders of the Universe, etc.), Feige et al. have earned my trust. Hell, I hope they get a chance to take on Galactus, the Silver Surfur, and Big G’s other heralds sometime in the near future.

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