The Next X-Men movie will be a 1990s movie

X-Men #1

Let me just get right to it; “The next one is set in the ’90s”.  This confirmation came directly from the producer of the X-Men franchise, Simon Kinberg during a recently sit-down with at the film’s junket.


This is both exciting news, a fun prospect but not entirely unexpected.  With the time travelling nature of the franchise, it’s non-linear chronology and the progression we have seen through the decades with X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: First Class and of course the upcoming X:Men: Apocalypse, one can expect that the next outing will be something of a follow up for the franchise.

While this is, as I said, not entirely unexpected, this is rather exciting news.  The X-Men of the 1990s were immensely successful and something that I remember fondly from my more youthful, carefree days.  When the iconic X-Men comic book was released in 1991, X-Titles (along with Spider-man) dominated the sales rankings for the year.  Nine of the top ten best-selling books that year for X-Men books or X-related.  In fact, the boom and success of marvel’s then-premier title propelled it to the small screen where it went on in 1992 to star in their own animated series on the Fox station Fox Kids.

X-Men Animated Series
X-Men Animated Series

So what does this mean for this new X-Men movie?  Will it be the beginning of a new trilogy within the franchise, as they’ve tended to do thus far? Will the movie draw on the inspiration of the successful comic books and animated series of the 1990s or will it be something new all-together?  We should also ask ourselves; “Will this be under the flagship title of X:Men:… or a spin-off brand such as Deadpool, X-Force, or the upcoming New Mutants movie that we recently reported on here . The movie by Josh Boone will be drawing up history from the late 1980s all they way through the early 1990s when New Mutants evolved in to X-Force, the team which starred Cable and featured the infamous Deadpool.

Continue to check back with as further details develop!

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