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No’madd: City of Empty Towers: Great Graphic Novel

Posted on Jul 7, 2016 by in The Page | 0 comments


Recently, Andrew Kafoury was kind enough to mail me a copy of his graphic novel, No’madd: City of Empty Towers.

I was thankful to receive this printed volume of a graphic novel as a gift.¬†When I read the comic, I was also pleasantly surprised by the mixture of a great storyline with original art. Andrew Kafoury, a writer from Portland, makes a great team with the artist of No’madd, Todd Herman.


Todd Herman’s art is beautiful. I’m assuming there is a mixture of pens and inks, or that there are well-scanned pencil art throughout the comic, because there’s a cool mixture of greytone in the lines and shadows. There’s an abstractness at points to Todd’s art, in particular his landscapes and scenery, but it’s very controlled, mixed with well-proportioned art with solid shadows. From the super detailed panels to simpler, more stylistic ones, you can tell that Todd is a great artist in control of his creation. He knows how to be unique in his style, and how to tell the story through pictures along with Andrew’s words.

It’s impressive to see that this is the first comic Andrew Kafoury has released as a writer. The story is cool and had some twists I didn’t see coming. We have a fantasy story of a sword-and-sorcery vibe, following a warrior who was prophesied by a wiseman in his village to smite an oppressive enemy. The warrior leaves his family behind to go on his quest, and soon meets¬†danger. Danger brings revelations that the warrior didn’t see coming, and I sure didn’t, either.

The quest that the main character goes on is filled with magic, strange creatures, and exciting places. The pain of revelations he makes during his journey show well in his expressions, and the story does a good job in evoking emotion through action.


It’s cool to see a comic team that is independent but takes their work very seriously. From the storyline to the look of the book, it seems that Andrew and Todd wanted to present a comic that was different from anything out there. Chris Faccone’s cover for the comic is beautiful as well, with its solid lines and slightly abstract design. I hope to read more comics like this, especially since I love the fantasy genre, and I like what Andrew and Todd do with it. Solid work. Check it out.


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