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Super Sunday: Superman in November 2018

Posted on Dec 2, 2018 by in Features | 0 comments


Superman fans rejoice!  It’s Super Sunday!  The Man of Steel had a lot going on in November 2018, and I’m here to tell you all about what you may have missed.  Here are my thoughts and opinions on all things Superman from last month:

Superman Comics in November:

Action Comics #1,0005 – 5/5

Adventures of the Super Sons #4 (of 12) – 5/5

Aquaman / Justice League: Drowned Earth #1 (One-Shot) – 4/5

DC’s Nuclear Winter Special #1 (One-Shot) – 4/5

Heroes in Crisis #3 (of 9) – 4/5

Justice League #11 & 12 – 4/5

Justice League of America Giant #5 – 3.5/5

Justice League Odyssey #3 (of 12) – 4/5

Mister Miracle #12 (of 12) – 5/5

Superman #5 – 5/5

Superman Giant #5 – 3.5/5

Supergirl #24 – 4/5

Teen Titans Giant #5 – 3.5/5

Titans #29 & 30 – 3.5/5

World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Holiday Special Giant #1 (One-Shot) – 4/5

Superman Appearances in November:

Batman Giant #5 – 4/5

Damage #11 – 3/5

Sideways Annual #1 – 4/5

Superman in Other Media in November:

DC Daily on DC Universe – 4/5

Supergirl on CW – 5/5

My Pick of the Month: SUPERGIRL!!!

Brian Michael Bendis continues to deliver each and every moment with both Superman and Action Comics.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!  And Adventures of the Super Sons should be ongoing because Peter J. Tomasi is a delight.  As for the conclusion to Mister Miracle, Tom King’s landing of his finale continues his streak of delivering.  But it’s the drama and complexity on the small screen for Supergirl that really did it for me last month.  This might be the best season yet.  Are you watching?  So there you have it.  What did you think?  Let us know in the comments section or on social media and we’ll see you at the end of the month for our final Super Sunday column of 2018!

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