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10 Crazy & Obvious Theories About the Batman Eternal Teaser

Batman Eternal

Last week, DC Comics dropped a small teaser image that has sent the Bat fans into a tizzy. Similar to the single image teasers that DC Comics used to release for their big events before the New 52, this single image contains many clues and references to events that will happen in the new weekly Batman series that is set to debut next year.  You can check out the image for yourself, or you can read on for my theories on what the new series Batman Eternal might have in store for us.

Batman Eternal

The Obvious Theories

1. A Robin will return. 

Sitting on the back of Titus, the bat dog, is a robin. This is so dead center in the image that I think it surprises no one that a Robin will return somewhere in the weekly series. But which Robin will it be? Since the Robin perches on the dog of Damian; one could conclude that we will see the return of Damian somehow. I, for one, hope that this is not the case, and that a new Robin is born. Maybe a girl Robin this time? Speaking of girl Robins . . .

2. The Return of Stephanie Brown

Behind Batman sits a girl wearing a purple hoodie, now we do not see her face. But I think it is obvious to everyone that this is certainly Stephanie Brown. This figure is clad in her colors, and the return of Stephanie has already been spoiled by one of the writers on the title. Although, with her back turned to the audience one could theorize that maybe her debut will be towards the end of the series or that the identity of the new Spoiler will remain a secret.

3. A Big Nightwing Status Change

By now, we all know that Nightwing’s secret identity has been revealed to the world in Forever Evil. His absence in this teaser is a bit worrisome. Does he die? Or is that him in the blond hair sitting next to Red Robin? Either way, Nightwing is going to have a difficult year.

4. Commissioner Gordon’s Arrest

James Gordon is wearing handcuffs in this image, and it was teased by one of the Batman Eternal writers that this arrest may even take place in Batman Eternal #1. What could send this longtime Batman ally to jail? My guess is that the good commissioner will be forced to act against a longtime Batman ally with severe force. I would even say Catwoman or an ally of hers since the thief is looking directly at James Gordon.

5. The Fall of Alfred Pennyworth

Poor Alfred! Even in straight jacket, he still has to cook a turkey for Master Bruce! This is the image that worries me the most. What will Alfred Pennyworth do that will send him to the place of the men in white coats, and how long will our dear Alfred have to spend in Arkham Asylum?

The CRAZY Theories

6. Professor Pig Starts a Train Company

The Grant Morrison creation of Professor Pyg is holding a train. Well, maybe the good professor has decided to go straight, grabbed a business loan from the Penguin, and invested heavily in Gotham Rail. Stranger things have happened in Gotham.

7. Harper Row joins the Teen Titans

Harper Row is sitting next to Rod Robin who is looking directly at her. Why? Maybe because he is about to invite her to join his super team! Of course, she will then have to come up with a new costume and codename. My recommendation? Mechanic Girl!!

8. Red Hood destroys the Court of Owls

Jason Todd is staring directly at the Owl perched in the tree, a direct reference to the Court of Owls. Recently we have seen the Red Hood join with the League of Assassins. Maybe he pits both organizations against each other till neither one is left standing?

9. The Joker’s Daughter kills Titus the Bat Hound

In what would be the saddest and most shocking death of the New 52, the new character called the Joker’s Daughter could kill Damian’s beloved pet. Her eyes are staring at camera, but maybe we’re meant to think that. Maybe she has her eyes set on the dog, and what a delicious Thanksgiving meal dog meat could be. She does live in the sewers after all.

10. This is the reception dinner for Batwoman’s Wedding

In what is the most far-fetched theory of all, maybe this image is literal. Maybe Kate Kane is a huge fan of Thanksgiving, and told all her friends and allies to come dressed in the theme for her wedding. Gotham has seen crazier weddings.


There you go! All my crazy theories on the new Batman Eternal teaser! Do you think I was right or wrong? Let me know below in the comments. Either way, I can’t wait for my weekly dose of Batman mystery.

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