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Why We Can’t Wait for the Batman vs Superman Slot Games?


Batman vs Superman can be easily crowned as the most talked about movie for 2016. Ever since Ben Affleck was chosen as the actor to inherit the role of the mysterious businessman Bruce Wayne who fights crime in Gotham City, previously portrayed by Christian Bale, millions of fans expressed their delight or anger for his casting. As if that step hasn’t been provocative enough, DC included its Man of Steel – Superman – in the story and announced a project like we’ve never seen before. The film hit cinemas on 19th of March (25th of March in the US), 2016 and generated $742.8 million in the box office so far. Considering the budget was “only” $250 million, we can safely say that Batman vs Superman proved a huge success, despite the fact some people of DC comics were very disappointed of the 151-minute adventure.


Less than a month later, fans started speculating when and if there will be an online slot machine based on the movie. Those surprised by this expectation should know that the gaming industry and its leading companies have paid their respect to comic book heroes many times before and there are numerous such slots on the market already. Therefore, seeing Batman and Superman on the same reels wouldn’t be something that raises eyebrows among gamblers. For now, there are two game developers that are the most likely to surprise customers with such a title and those are Playtech and Microgaming. The first one’s game catalogue features tens of superhero slot machines, whereas most Microgaming slots look like comic book creations.

So, the real question is what would make a Batman vs Superman slot machine so special? Well, that actually depends on the company that will stand behind the game. If we’re lucky enough maybe we’ll even get more than one of those; that would be incredibly great as well. Considering the fact that Playtech recently sealed a deal with Warner Bros to launch several DC comic themed slot, it might be possible for the provider to upgrade its offer with a game based on this movie. Playtech’s titles are graphically impressive, plus they usually come with massive progressive jackpots. In addition, the developer always does a great job when it comes to sound effects and overall surroundings; thus, a game by Playtech would mean experiencing the DC Extended Universe at its finest on both desktop and mobile devices.

On the other hand, Microgaming has already released two Batman themed slots, both based on movies (The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises). There’s no doubt that the company will manage to come up with carefully designed playing screen and symbols that will amaze fans of Batman vs Superman every single time they spin the reels. Plus, Microgaming is known for coming up with unique special features that always result in rewarding and attractive titles. Hence, it wouldn’t be surprising if the provider launches a third superhero slot with clips from the movie, cool 3D animations and thrilling bonus games.



In conclusion, a Batman vs Superman slot game would be a real treat to both fans of the game as well as fans of top notch quality reel machines. Regardless the provider that will decide to go for this project first, we can expect a masterpiece equipped with many chances to win cash prizes, breath-taking graphic effects and realistic sounds. As a result, players will have the opportunity to visit DC’s Universe anytime they feel like it without even having to leave their home and go to the cinema. Unlike movies that are popular for several months and then replaced with new releases, slots stay forever and let you play them whenever you want to. In case the game is linked to a progressive jackpot, that would be an additional reason to be looking forward to it because such jackpots grow incredibly fast on popular titles, like a Batman vs Superman slot would certainly be.

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