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Angelica Reigns The Faith #1 Kickstarter Preview

Angelica Reigns

I have a confession to make. I’m a normal guy. I know, shocking. I have a normal 9 to 5 that I’m extremely thankful for because it allows to pay my rent and cable bill but at the end of the day I usually have a small stipend that I use for comic books and Kickstarter’s, like most in my position I would assume. The only reason I share this fact is because I have to confess some more things. I’m completely addicted to Kickstarter and new comic wednesday, I have about two hundred dollars sitting out waiting for Kickstarter to take, and that’s after about one hundred went a few days ago.


The reason I confessed all of this is because for once I’m writing this preview on something I’m not able to back. As of right now this is one of at least three that I can’t back because I’m broke and I need to think of someone besides myself and buy christmas presents. I write this preview anyway and in hopes that Angelica gets funded for a few reasons; I love indie projects and indie creators, I love to support indie comics and indie creators, the more successful Kickstarter’s the better for other creators, and probably the most important of all as well as most selfish for me is that if they get this funded then chances are they will be able to get to work on issue two instead of wondering how they get to fund issue one. This is important because it allows the creative team to continue creating and on my own selfish tip it’s important because I can wait for the second Kickstarter to run and hopefully get both issues as part of a reward. Selfish as always but it’s true and effective, I have gotten the “catch up” reward from many different campaigns and it continues to be my favorite reward.


Now to the book. The idea is pretty simple; “A young woman being hunted by an ancient religious cult.” This idea is pretty sweet and the art concept featured on the Kickstarter page certainly backs up the hype. What I like most about the idea is that it’s put very simple while actually leaving room for a ton of intelligent plotting and storytelling. The idea leaves a lot of room for a rich secret society behind the religious folks chasing down the main character and the main character has a lot of room for depth as a character. I feel it looks great as far as concept of idea and as I stated before the art is top notch and worthy of comparison to many different bigger books with a similar feel.


The reward tiers are extensive and very from a simple PDF of the book all the way to a crazy package of swag that includes T-Shirts and large posters of exclusive prints from the art team. I’m pretty old fashion and I usually roll with the simple rewards that give me the book/books and for that they only ask for ten bucks, I always feel that that is a great deal considering you get the book and the PDF, it is Kickstarter after all and they need to make enough to pay the art team but this is still a great deal considering the get back.

This Kickstarter has a little over a week to go and they need a little over twenty four hundred to fund. I have ten days to figure out my finances and get in on this but I also need you guys to pitch in and help out so it hits the goal. I know we can do it! Long live indie comics, and as always. #Supportindiecomics

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