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2015 Military History Fest – historically accurate cosplay costuming


Halo, World of Warcraft, Assassins Creed, G.I. Joe, Captain America among the very many – all follow in the footsteps of reality and actual bloodshed.  Military History Fest/Reenactor Fest is where Illinois honors such history and displays it proudly.  This event happened for the 11th year in St. Charles, IL from 30 January to 01 February 2015.

Almost every military era known to man was represented at this fest and the costuming was incredibly accurate, amazing and detailed.  Most of the costumes, if not actual antiques, were hand sewn and meticulously re-created.  Reenactors were knowledgable of their costumes, up to date on their chosen military history era and exhibited a vigorous willingness to share and pass on their period information.My favorite was the Civil War prisoner camp, I’d love the cosplay job of being a prisoner laying on the floor all day!

The great thing about cosplay is that it is multi-genre, multi-generational and the  folks who choose to cosplay are incredibly multi-talented!  At some conventions a percentage of attendees are unwilling to have their picture taken or unhappy when their picture is taken…not here!  Everyone was willing and very excited to have their handwork and passion photographed, appreciated and discussed.

Military History Fest was a very pleasant event with festival goers in such incredible costumes.  What really made this event unique was vendors were dressed in fantastic period wear – not the norm, as most convention vendors are not costumed.  Event cost was reasonable, location (Pheasant Run Resort and Convention Center, St. Charles, IL) was fantastic with regards to space and the reenactor content was very educational.

A well thought out and detailed convention for history lovers, military buffs and civil war reenactors.  Fest coordinator Michael E. Bellow wins again with this years successful military history and reenactor event!!!!!

MIlitary History Fest1
Young cosplay reenactors!
MIlitary History Fest10
My favorite cosplay – Civil War Prison Camp – so awesome! They even acted like guards and prisoners in their actions and gestures. Hilari!
MIlitary History Fest11
LOVE HER! She was ready for a USO dance – love her!
MIlitary History Fest12
Rosie the Riveter and her guys!!!
MIlitary History Fest16
Gotta love this Peach!
MIlitary History Fest8
They wanted to ask me a few questions… it felt like an inquisition…
MIlitary History Fest4
Great Native costumes, fantastic!
MIlitary History Fest6
Love the hoops!
MIlitary History Fest7
Troops taking a much needed break prior to heading out again…
MIlitary History Fest15
My vote for best costumes and cosplays in the Military History Fest… Kinda making me think about a bell hop tho…
MIlitary History Fest14
So many vendors…this booth… my favorite!
MIlitary History Fest13
More great hoops!
MIlitary History Fest9
WWII costumes, but talking to them was like jumping into a M*A*S*H episode… I had to drag myself away from them, SO funny!
MIlitary History Fest17
Hallway entertainers hamming it up… respect!

MIlitary History Fest2 MIlitary History Fest3

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