2015: The Year Of Smartwatch Gaming


This year has already been regularly hyped as the year of the smartwatch, most likely because the number of smartwatches hitting the market in 2015 will be substantially higher than ever before. But this new technological innovation that will allow smartphone type tech to be embedded in a wrist worn format is something that has excited gadget enthusiasts for a long time, probably ever since the days of the original series of ‘Star Trek’ when Captain Kirk and his crew would utilise such futuristic gadgetry to communicate with others on a weekly basis.


Designers, developers and manufacturers of each of these new smartwatches will be looking to break down the barriers of originality and will be attempting to create new and unique solutions for users that have never-before been attempted. With new technology comes a variety of new problems and compatibility issues which designers will be looking to combat in order to make their customer’s experience a thoroughly responsive and immersive one. One particular market that is excited to take the challenge of rethinking how it should offer a new experience to its users is the gaming one. With Royal Vegas online casino now offering slots games to play through smartwatch and with Apple Watch looking to create games especially for people with shorter attention spans, it’s evident that the gaming niche will be pivotal to the smartwatch’s success.

In spite of the fact that the gaming industry has constantly evolved over the years, it’s always maintained the belief that it can continue to evolve with trends and provide ground-breaking games for all audiences. Games themselves have evolved along with the industry, taking advantage of new advances in technology and fully utilizing the capabilities of each and every device games are now being played on.


Smartwatches are a new and exciting breed of device and thus deserve a new breed of gaming. While we’re sure that many popular games may initially be downsized and reformatted to run on these new watch devices over time we should expect the introduction of new ways in which games can be experienced on them.

Companies such as Everywear Games are already very conscious of this fact and are developing games purely for smartwatch users. Their focus is to help assist the smartwatch market to become another new and popular method in which to experience gameplay, compete with friends, and even for it to potentially grow into its very own unique gaming platform. The prospect for developers and designers is huge and it’s a race to see who will be creative enough to help define this new gaming marketplace.

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