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2018 – The Year of Jason Momoa – Aquaman – Spoiler Free


2018 – The Year of Jason Momoa

As a longstanding mocker of all things DC Cinematic Universe, I tried to go into Aquaman with an open mind.  They HAVE made good movies.  Wonder Woman was pretty amazing…even if they did basically take Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger and remake it with Wonder Woman as the lead…

But, I digress.

Aquaman.  Reviewed Exactly How It Was Made.

It was actually, surprisingly, really good.  The story line held my attention.

Jason Momoa
Pensive Jason Momoa

*pause review*

*insert Pensive Jason Momoa*

*end eye candy moment*



Cinematically, Aquaman was beautiful.  At times the underwater scenes were straight out of fantasy and, yet, there was a beautiful realism in the scenes that were based on land.
Boyish Jason Momoa

*pause review*

*insert Boyish Jason Momoa*

*listen to every woman in theater sigh*


At the necessary times the dialogue was funny or serious.  All in all, I genuinely enjoyed a DC movie for the first time in years.
Angry Jason Momoa

*pause review*

*insert Angry Jason Momoa*

*wait for readers to catch their breath*



In case you can’t tell yet, this is where I think DC went wrong this time.

As I said, Aquaman was a truly GOOD movie…but it could have been GREAT had they not spent so much effort playing up their leading male.  In an effort to catch the attention of the female audience, they managed to make a mockery of their own movie by focusing too much attention on the sex symbol that Jason Momoa has become.


I want to clarify by saying (in case there’s some off chance that Jason Momoa ever stumbles upon this article) Jason Momoa is a very good actor.  And, from all things I’ve seen and heard, he is also a fairly fantastic human being.

However, if I never saw his face in my social media feed again I also wouldn’t exactly be upset.  IT NEVER STOPS.  Granted, some of them are hilarious.  Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Jason Momoa

(And in case you need a further fix, You’re Welcome).

So, going into 2019 I will be continuing my #NoMoMomoa campaign that I began in 2018.

Let the man act and stop over-saturating both the market AND his movies with the face that (according to popular opinion, note mine)

Jason Momoa
This Sums It Up Nicely

is apparently so hot it’s worth DC detracting from their own story.


And, as always, keep an eye out here for more reviews and input on all things pop culture.

Happy New Year!

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