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3rd Parties and Nintendo


Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming out. Though it will be an episode release, I still want to play it. Only I want to play it on my Wii U, where I played the first game.

Capcom and Nintendo don’t have a rocky relationship and the game did so well on the 3DS that they ported it, so why isn’t Nintendo getting it? I’ve noticed that a lot of third party companies have been doing this, they’ll give a game here or there to the Wii U, but the big games only go to Sony and Microsoft. Some say it’s because no one is buying the Wii U, but the Wii U sales are twice as much as the Xbox One and they still have faith in that console.

I admit, consumers are partially to blame. I’ve seen many people comment on how Nintendo only has Mario and Zelda games. When other games get released for the console, no one seems to care or they’ll find some excuse not to pick up the game. Gaming companies see this and only make a minor effort to port to Nintendo. Then nobody wants games with half the content so gaming companies take that as no one who owns the Wii U wants their games.

I miss when gaming companies went out of their way to make the best game imaginable and offered it to everyone. Video games have become a political platform. No longer is it about having fun, it’s about the money to be made and the sense of superiority if your experience is slightly different from everyone else. The console wars are getting worse and worse. Ironically enough, it’s not from the people who make the consoles but from those who make games for the consoles. Each system has it’s pros and cons and the fans will always choose what they want to play on. Stop trying so hard to compete with each other and let the games and consoles do the work.

Have faith in your work and we the gamers will come to you.

I know many well make the argument about the systems’s hardware and graphic capabilities. I don’t believe that is the actual issue. Here’s a great article that has amazing points and perhaps just maybe, might change your mind on how you look at the industry. Check this out then come back to Comic Booked for great game reviews and news.

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