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44Flood Expands Lust Kickstarter with More Books

44Flood Lust

Monday, 44Flood announced their new Kickstarter Lust with writer Steve Niles and artists Ben Templemsith and Menton 3‘s mix of fine art, prose, and comics. Today, they announced the expansion of that project by committing to a series of books covering the other seven deadly sins or vices.44Flood Lust Gently Does It

While details are still forthcoming, the new video on their Lust Kickstarter page says, “The series will be designed and constructed in much the same way as Lust where we’ll pair a compelling writer with two amazing artists to explore a vice and it’s corresponding virtue.” Whether each new book will be their own separate Kickstarters is not clear yet.

The announcement comes on the heels of another highly successful beginning to their Kickstarter campaign for Lust, which has exceeded it modest $4,400 goal by climbing to over $35,000 at this moment’s story. 44Flood is a Chicago based collective consisting of Ben Templesmith, Menton 3, Kasra Ghanbari, and Nick Idell. To see the group’s announcement video, please see below.


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