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5 Marvel Mobile Games You Should Play

marvel mobile

If you are a big Marvel fan, then you probably have played most Marvel games on different consoles. However, not many have tried the mobile versions. Below are the recommended ones that I suggest you try.

1 – Marvel Future Fight!

Marvel mobile

Also known as MFF, it is an action hack and slash RPG that also allows you to collect various Marvel characters. Most of the popular characters such as Spider-Man, Ant-Man and Thor are featured as playable heroes. They recently added Thanos’s Black Order in the game.

All characters can advance to 6 stars. Each character has a total of 5 skills that they can use, but only if their star level increases. You can also customize them by equipping them with ISO-8’s, which can boost your character stats such as all attack or critical rate.

Certain characters also have unique uniforms that you can purchase with crystals. These provide 10% overall stat boost to that character. A cool uniform is the black Spider-Man, which resembles the Venom uniform.

If you are busy and still want to play the game and level up your heroes, you can auto play maps or use tickets to quickly collect items or shards daily. This is perfect for people that have very little time while in school or work.

For those that like action/fighting games, this game is definitely my top recommendation.

2 – Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel mobile

This game is the Street Fighter version that you can play on your phone. You get to play a huge selection of Marvel characters. The controls are also very simple and you can quickly get the hang of it after going through the tutorial.

Tap for light attacks and swipe for more powerful swings. You also get a special attack which is indicated by a gauge meter at the bottom of the screen. The specials in the game aren’t as powerful as it should be, but it also opens up for more combos you can do. Most characters won’t die as fast after taking a full special attack.

3 – Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel mobile

If straight up brawling isn’t your cup of tea, then Marvel Puzzle Quest might be something you want to check out. This is a match 3 type of game which is quite similar to the popular mobile game Puzzles and Dragons.

The game does a great job at illustrating the Marvel characters. You won’t see any fancy graphical attacks like MFF or contest of champions. As you match specific colors, you will build up a meter for your special attacks.

Different versions of Marvel characters are released in the game, giving you more choices in choosing your favorite character to play. As a free to play player, it will be tough to compete once you get to the later levels, but they always have events to help you along your journey.

4 – Marvel War of Heroes

Marvel mobile

This is a card game that looks very simple when you first play it. You can even auto play the card battles and you won’t have to do anything. This might be boring to some players.

If you can look past that, this game gets interesting when you access PvP and high level story mode. If you like PvP card battles, I suggest you look at guides online to really learn more about the mechanics for PvP.

5 – Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel mobile

This is a classic game that actually made way for the previous games to be published. Also known as MAA, this is a strategy turn based combat game that allows you to use various Marvel characters to battle. Collecting and upgrading your heroes are a big part of the game.

Other core features include things like team up bonuses, where having specific characters in your team will give you a battle advantage. The game is 4 years old now at the time of this article and it is still coming out with new stuff, which gives you something to look forward to.

They are also the first Marvel mobile game to feature the “elements”, where each class will be weak to another element. If you have played MFF, then you know they are using this system as well.

Author Bio – Kenny Leng is the owner of and is fond of writing various gaming topics during his spare time. You are welcome to drop by and say hello or talk about gaming and entertainment.

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