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5 Reasons to Start Reading Comic Books


Cultivating the habit of reading is a wonderful and soulful way to spend leisure time. You may enjoy and love reading, but don`t have the time and an engrossing, fascinating book at hand to start with. Comic books are favorite of all time, whatever is the age of the reader from eight to eighty. Comic books are a radiant way to rekindle the old love of reading. The inner child, within you with all his innocence, loves those characters and fantasies. It is easier to read a few pages at times before you get passionate about serious reading. Reading is a great way of unwinding the stress and anxiety and opens up your mind to new thoughts and ideas.

Makes you to Love Reading

It is a great way to improve reading skills, particularly for struggling readers. The graphics and visual formats intricate a reader, no other kinds of books can do. Research shows comic books appeal to readers, who find other books to be boring and monotonous. The visuals, plots and characters make reading more engrossing and engaging.

Out of the Box

When you engross with a comic book, many parts of your mind are used to interpret the visuals, the texts and spacing. Your mind works harder to process everything in the comic book than reading a traditional storybook. This aspect changes your view when you look at the outer world. Comic books are not only about superheroes and villains with exceptional strength and quality. It is also about The Sandman, The Walking Dead, Scott Pilgrim; those were portrayed in the silver screen. There are varieties of comic books for everyone, according to the readers’ choice. You can also read books of situs poker online that will make your earning smooth. 

Life is a Story

The more you read, the more you become a better reader and more understanding and insightful person. Comic books are a good appetizer for more grave and serious reading. Once you start with a comic book, you will often end up reading a book with a thousand pages with ease and comfort. While reading, you improve your imagination, concentration of your mind.

Images outline the story

The graphics give a detailed idea of the story, which encourages an impassive reader to go through it. The images give a sense of what is happening in the story. The plots are more often quick spaced, packed with actions giving little breathing space which also allures an impatient reader, who otherwise would be indifferent to reading.

The images emphasize the text

The graphic of a comic book does not replace but reinforce the language. A better and comprehensive understanding is only possible when one reads the language and watches the illustration simultaneously. At a glance, one may avoid the prints but turns back to re-read it for better understanding.

Comic books are being read over and over, without slightest of staleness and apathy. It is the most participatory form of reading; one learns to read in a completely different way. Comic books are not mere boxes of graphics and texts. Sometimes a lot of concentration is needed to decode the graphics and to understand what is written on the page.

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