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75 Years of Batman: Top 75 Batman Writers

Batman 75

Welcome back to the Batman anniversary celebration!  Last week, we listed our top 75 favorite Batman characters of all time.  And this week, we’re proud to announce a brand new list of Batman greatness: The Top 75 best Batman writers of all time!  So without any further hesitation, here’s the list.  Some are new, some are old, but all are timeless.  No matter how long (or how short) the tenure of each writer, they are listed alphabetically by last name, rather than ranked.  Enjoy!


1. Dan Abnett

2. Marc Andreyko

3. Brian Augustyn

4. Brian Azzarello

5. Mike W. Barr

6. Tony Bedard

7. Adam Beechen

8. Marguerite Bennett

9. Lee Bermejo

10. Ed Brubaker

11. John Byrne

12. Amanda Conner

13. Gerry Conway

14. Darwyn Cooke

15. Paul Cornell

16. Tony Daniel

17. Alan Davis

18. J. M. DeMatteis

19. Paul Dini

20. Chuck Dixon

21. Steve Englehart

22. Garth Ennis

23. Ray Fawkes

24. Bill Finger

25. Gardner Fox

26. Neil Gaiman

27. Keith Giffen

28. Archie Goodwin

29. Alan Grant

30. Justin Gray

31. Devin Grayson

32. Bob Hall

33. Kyle Higgins

34. David Hine

35. Geoff Johns

36. Bob Kane

37. Joe Kelly

38. Andy Lanning

39. A. J. Lieberman

40. Scott Lobdell

41. Jeph Loeb

42. Dwayne McDuffie

43. Brad Meltzer

44. Bryan Q. Miller

45. Frank Miller

46. Peter Milligan

47. Doug Moench

48. Alan Moore

49. Grant Morrison

50. Denny O’Neill

51. John Ostrander

52. Jimmy Palmiotti

53. Greg Pak

54. Will Pfeifer

55. Paul Pope

56. James Robinson

57. Alex Ross

58. Greg Rucka

59. Tim Seeley

60. Gail Simone

61. Kevin Smith

62. Scott Snyder

63. Jim Starlin

64. Tom Taylor

65. Frank Tieri

66. Bruce Timm

67. Peter J. Tomasi

68. James Tynion IV

69. Matt Wagner

70. Mark Waid

71. Len Wein

72. Bill Willingham

73. Judd Winick

74. Marv Wolfman

75. Christopher Yost

Batman Frank Miller

So there you have it.  Any surprise inclusions on the list that you want to discuss?  How about any snubs?  Let us know your recommendations, suggestions, and opinions in the comment section below.  And be sure to continue checking back as we continue our Batman 75th anniversary celebration!  (Not to mention the weekly column reviewing all of the newest adventures of the Dark Knight, Baturday.)  See you soon, Bat fans!

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