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Star Wars: ‘A Force For Change’ Charity Campaign


A new, noble charity campaign is afoot – launched on Tuesday April 11th 2017 – in the Star Wars universe. It is run by Omaze and is called “A Force For Change”.  This current project follows on the heels of similar one run prior to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and again pairs online platform Omaze with LucasFilms. Past campaigns have raised millions of dollars and it is expected that this newest one – the third actually – will follow suit.

The funds raised from this latest campaign will benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation as well as UNICEF.

There will be three winners. Each winner will be able to bring one guest along when they experience their prize. One winner (and guest) will be able to visit Skywalker Ranch, tour the Star Wars archives and attend a private screening of the film that started it all: Star Wars: A New Hope. Another winner will have the privilege of attending the red carpet premier for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The third winner of “A Force For Change” will be able to visit the set of the Star Wars spinoff movie about Han Solo. They will meet Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of the film, and also get a part as an extra in the movie itself.

The Co-founder of Omaze, Ryan Cummins, spoked with THR recently about the campaign; “Our goal at Omaze is that we believe that any audience has an opportunity to create impact,”

In the same interview, Cummins went on to say; “We were fortunate to be involved in those conversations early on, and it was really at the time that [Lucasfilm, Disney and Abrams’ Bad Robot] were coming together. In some ways, Omaze was really fortunate to be sitting in the middle to offer them an opportunity to leverage that fan base toward good. We couldn’t be more grateful that they were willing to take a chance on us, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

There are other prizes outside of those very generous prizes and they are based upon levels of donations to the charity. Some of the prizes include patches, t-shirts and post cards.

To read more about this charity, visit this link:

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