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A Look At Some Of The Most Iconic Comic Books Ever


It would be hard not to notice the prevalence of superheroes in today’s time. It seems like every time you turn around there is a new actor jumping into the spandex and taking on the role of Batman of Spider-Man. And, this is not to even mention the plethora of Avenger characters. It really is easy to understand why Hollywood keeps making these movies. The fans are simply eating them up and will continue to do so. Despite the fact that these movies make billions of dollars there are thousands of young fans that haven’t experienced the real thrill of the comics. Regardless of which new and upcoming actor is playing the lead hero, it is the comics where these revered characters got their start. Fans that are looking to delve more into the origins of their favorite onscreen superheroes or discover some new ones should consider checking out some of these comic books.

The Wicked + The Divine

Despite all the superheroes that you see on the big screen today, there are few that will match wits with The Wicked + The Divine. There was a reason that this comic book was named one of the best comics at the 2014 British Comic Awards. The book is set around a world where twelve gods known as the Pantheon roam the world. They have been reincarnated inside the bodies of living beings with supernatural powers and major celebrity. Unfortunately, this lifestyle does come with a downside and that downside is that they only get to live with this fame and power two years. After two years they will die and restart. The entire series is beautifully written as it is seen through the eyes of a teenage Laura Wilson.

Paper Girls

In today’s time, it is not uncommon to see a female leading hero kicking butt left and right. Well, this wasn’t always the case. There was once a time when the superhero world was very male-driven. In fact, it was rare to see a female leading the pack. Paper Girls set out to change this as their main female character takes on a new delivery job where she inevitably encounters a band of time travelers. The series takes place in a fictional Cleveland and bounces between a number of eras while trying to battle a mysterious force that seems to have the band at each other’s throats. If you like the thought of altering the future by altering the past, you will fall in love with this masterful work of art.

The Vision

The Vision is a character that first appeared during the Golden Age of comic books. This was a time when comic books were at an all-time high. He first appeared in the Marvel Mystery Comic series and eventually continued as a regular through issue 48. Over the years the character has seen some recognition, but it was probably the 2017 reimagined tale that really won modern day comic book fans over. As an android, the Vision yearns for human interaction and companionship, which leads him to create his own family. Unfortunately, the android’s master plan is doomed from the beginning and fans get to watch as the mess unfolds. Just remember not to let your new comic book fascination get in the way of trying online gambling. Sites like online pokies real money can help you find trustworthy and reliable casinos where you can gamble for real stakes.

The Punisher

Most fans of The Punisher might not know that the original character was much more toned down. This was an attempt by Marvel Universe to make the character more marketable to kids. They wanted kids to see the protagonist as a hip action hero with a load of cool gadgets that he could use to battle bad guys. It wasn’t until the character matured under the guise of writer Garth Ennis. The much more matured character was thrust into a world where he had to shoot and stab his way through countless law-breakers because superheroes simply didn’t exits. As the character delves deeper into his one-man war on crime he begins to emotionally lose himself. His hopes of anything but chaos and killing are lost and he truly takes his propensity for killing to a new level.

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