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A New Way To Game: Escape Entertainment

escape entertainment

Comic Booked was recently able to speak with Brad Albright, the founder and managing partner of Escape Entertainment, a new company offering live immersive escape gaming. You can check them out in New york City and on their website,

Escape Entertainment is a new company that just opened their first location in New York City introducing a new form of interactive live-action entertainment. Check out our interview.

[youtube id=”HNEV6r3nDm4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

From Prohibition Pandemonium to Monkey Mayhem, this company has brought a new type of entertainment to the New York area. The best thing is the expansion adding new games and new locations in the future. Hopefully they come to an area near you and you can try out the different scenarios. From team building to just meet new people, this type of gaming offers the social interaction that many people want and need.

We hope you found this interesting and will check out Escape Entertainment on Facebook and see all the cool stuff they have to say there. That should also keep you up to date on news as new games and locations open up. Also, be sure to tune into to our YouTube channel for more videos and interviews.


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