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Comics | Review Hypno Comics | Comic Book Junkie #1

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Comic Book Junkie #1 manages to transport us through time without the use of a Delorean. A time when comics were more complicated, when  limited edition foil covers and multiple incentive hologram covers made every comic a collector’s item. A time that almost killed the industry…the 90’s. Guiding our way on this trip are writer George Chase and artist Lance Sawyer and they do a damn fine job. If you were around in the 90’s and were into comics then this comic will bring back fond memories of the decade of decadence in comics. Every comic had a gimmick and every fanboy had to have it. Even if you weren’t a comic book junkie this story will still appeal to you. I do want to point out that there is a Parental Advisory Warning on the comic due to language, drugs, and guns, so it’s not one for the kiddies but you’re gonna love it!Coomic Book Junkie #1 Cover

We start off our story with Jim who’s getting his gang together for a big heist. You see it’s the night before the convention and one of Jim’s booty calls stole his comics. Now Jim, Paul and John have got to break into a drug dealers house and get his “stash” back. Enter John, who sees comics as money-and nobody messes with his money, so he supplies a good amount of firepower for the crew. Then it gets real…

Comic Book Junkie is a great  trip down memory lane in terms of the way people treated comics in the 90’s. Chase does a pitch perfect job of re-creating the 90’s atmosphere-from quoting movies to making references to comic creators and comics of the time. I have the same complaint about the artist he refers to on page 2 and have had since the 90’s. It really kinda has that early Kevin Smith feel about it, in fact there’s a quote from one of his movies in the book-see if you can find it. Let’s not forget about Lance Sawyers’ art. It reminds me of early Michael Oeming’s work. The comic is in black and white so at times it feels a little light in places but it works for him. The way that Sawyer frames the shots really draws you into the comic. He’s able to get his point across with a single image, which is no easy task.Interior splash page minus lettering

Comic Book Junkie can be read many ways, the easiest being to buy the physical comic- which you will find well worth it. The cover is a nice thick card stock and every page screams quality, which is also nice for the people who like to have the feel of the comic in their hand like me. But the comic also can come with or without extras. What extras you ask? Well you can do what I did and spend $20 and get a signed comic (which comes bagged and boarded), a Comic Book Junkie T-shirt (that is cool like the blues), a Junkie button, and a Junkie bag. Yet another option is to spend $0.99; yes, ninety-nine cents and buy it on, allowing you to read it on any mobile device you have. is cool too because if you’re not a big fan of reading your comics on a screen because  it’s kinda stressful on the eyes, gives you the option to read it by enlarging it frame by frame. I found it much easier to read the comic online with this feature.

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Can’t wait to see what the convention holds for our gang in issue #2 but judging from issue one, it probably won’t be good. So, for a trip down memory lane with a touch of violence or even if it’s your first experience with the 90s, this book is a blast. Check out Hypno Comics for a release date on number 2 and to keep an eye out for another upcoming title from the publisher called Offplanet Sci-Fi Tales. It looks like it’s going to be another winner; I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as I read it. What did you think of Comic Book Junkie? Throw on a flannel and hop into one of our forums and tell us what you remember about the 90’s and what you thought of the book.

Happy New Year from the staff here at Comic Booked!