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A World Without Comic Books?

Once in a while I feel the need to rearrange my living quarters. I rent, so I do not wish to call it my place; I just reside here. It is a small place but cheap, and I find that it does suit my needs. Most of these times that I rearrange is for the sole reason of being able to display my comic book collection with the least bit of clutter. I have over 5,000 books in my collection currently. This number was once more that this, much more. Life changes, things happen but I vowed never to have to diminish my collection for reasons of space and money.

My collection of CGC books has increased to over two hundred; three hundred was my goal for the end of the year. This rearrangement process is done alone and takes some time. I had a great idea of separating my collection of CGC books and my raw books, this seems to be failing but as I have already disassembled my bed, moved it, and reassembled it I feel I already have to move forward with this endeavor. In my teens when I lived with my parents and my walls were adorned with poster after poster, comic book after comic book I enjoyed changing the look of my room. It felt wondrous to wake up to a new room. Now it is an apartment and this process takes longer.

During these frantic changes of location of my décor I have yet to reread my comic books. This is something I did when I was younger which elongated the time it took me to complete my goal. I have not done that in a real long time. Take my comic books; sprawl them onto my bed and read a story. The New Mutants was a title I read and reread. My issue #15, my original which happened to be the first book that started my collection, was graded a 4.5. It wasn’t the first book I had but the one that without I would most likely not even be writing.


Have you wondered if there was a point in your life that if it did not happen how your life would be? A certain movie when you were five, a first kiss when you were 12, a comic book at the same age, a child being born, a car accident, or a dreadful mistake. We are what our past experiences make us, but ask yourself this, what kind of person would you be without Comic Books?


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I probably would not be studying to become a Geneticist if I did not have a bunch of X-men titles to read when I was younger.

A little known secret about me, my comic book love was actually born of collecting comic book cards with my mom as a kid. It was one of the few things my brother, my mom, and myself all did together and really enjoyed. Without these I do not think I would love finding the connections in things like I do now. I can remember reading a card and it make mention of a team up and then being obsessed with getting the card that had that team up and the characters that would be part of it, and the villains they did battle with and that would lead to another thing and then another. I think it helped to create my analytical mind. I love it.

Michael Wirth

I did the same thing. The first series of Marvel Cards is what inspired my comic book habit.

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