Action Comics No. 1 (1938)

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As Grant Morrison’s redux of Action Comics No. 1 flies from shelves this week thanks to the big DC New 52 campaign we here at Comic Booked decided to take a little look back at the original book that started it all. Published in April, with a cover date of June, 1938 by National Allied Publications, the predecessor to DC Comics it is considered by many to be the first superhero comic and gave the world Superman. We all know the story and this isn’t a history lesson, but rather a chance to look back over the Superman tale with these scanned pages from an original edition.

So as new readers embrace the Levi’s of Mr Morrison’s revamped Man of Steel let’s not forget these dusty old pages that started it all. Though they are just the first dozen of what was then a 64-page bumper book available for just a few cents, they changed the course of history in a way. DC can revamp, reboot and even reimagine, but we can never forget the last son of Krypton’s true beginning.

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