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Action Lab Entertainment is a group of self-proclaimed mad scientists with ages of experience, twenty-five years collectively.  After years of being islands to themselves in the vast pot of  obscurity that is the undiscovered limbo haunting the Comic Scene, they finally said “Enough”! Banding together to ford that gray on the basest of principles, that there was strength in numbers.

Action Lab

The Action Lab’s numbers are currently comprised of eight loyal members, Shawn Pryor, Dave Dwonch, Shawn Gabborin, Jason Grice, Chad Cicconi, Andrew Charipar, Daniel J. Logan, and Super Ugly.

Each of member of the Action Lab Entertainment team brings their own set of creative skills to the table, making certain that the Action Lab not only runs as efficiently as possible, but that it’s also just as fun as their President Shawn Pryor feels it should be.

When looking for a quick Comic Intro into the work done at Action Lab Entertainment, perhaps the best place to start is with Dave Dwonch’s work on  Space-Time Condominium. Space-Time Condominium is an ongoing Comic Web Saga where the main character Griffin is forced to become a tenant at a dwelling that exists outside of the Space-Time Continuum. If this wasn’t unsettling enough for the young 1980’s lad, he is also forced to room with multiple parallel versions of himself as flatmates.

Written, Created,  and Arted by Dwonch, the series walks a playful edge of Science Fiction and Indie sincerity that carries over into his other works with the Lab. More specifically, work like his Writing for Back in the Day, Arted by Daniel J. Logan.

Back in the Day once again carries the Science Fiction mantle, but takes it all to an even deeper level of Indie composition, all the while falling back onto a simpler plane of Science Fiction. I speak of course about that deepest and most familiar wish of every romantic geek in existence, the ability to go back in time and finally get the one that got away.

Then, there’s Fracture, the Action Lab’s latest Science Fiction Indie Comic Release.

Fracture is a superhero comic about a Villain named Malice, a Hero named Virtue, and a simple everyday citizen named Jeff.

The twist? All three are the same guy, only none of them know it. A fun plot of psychology and whimsy no matter how you slice it to be certain.

At the end of the day the Action Lab is just a bunch of geeks like us, who truly love sincere comics and sincerely wish to share them with the rest of us. So, if you’re in the mood for something quirky, warm, and just a touch out of reality, Action Lab Entertainment is waiting for someone just like you. – N

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Hmmmmm, Interesting 🙂

Thanks! Yeah, I learned a lot while doing this piece. Very unique plot concepts, I like it.

Thanks so much for the glowing review, Nicole. I hope that our projects live up to your sweet, sweet words. At the very least we promise fun comics!

I'll be sending out review copies of Back in the Day soon– I'll be sure to get one to you…

Excellent! I can't wait, thanks so much for your own sweet words as well then.

Who doesn't like this kind of indie art?


Hahaha! Excellent. Thanks for stopping by.

Outstanding! Action Lab delivers! Cheers!

Brilliant. Happiness all around.

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