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Actress Devanny Pinn Talks About “FANGS” Comic

Devanny Pinn Portrays Lily Sang

Jeff Hughes sits down with actress and self-described “Horror Barbie” Devanny Pinn and talks with her about her acting career and her involvement in the upcoming vampire comic book “FANGS” that will debut at Horror Hound Weekend.

For those that may not know about Devanny Pinn and your acting career tell us about yourself.

Hi there! I am an actress in horror films and recently I’ve been involved in doing more producing as well; I began my career in Arizona where I had the lead in a small movie that would break DVD sales internationally.

What projects can we see you in currently?

My first film The Lonely Ones is available on DVD, I have cameos in the recently released Piranha 3D and Nude Nuns with Big Guns, and my “psychodrama” Song of the Shattered  will be coming out on DVD this May.

(Devanny was nominated twice for Best Actress in “Song Of The Shattered” in 2010.)

I believe the short film compilation DVD called Cult Vol.1 that I am hosting will be available on DVD around that time as well. Check them out!

What roles do you like to play and what roles do you relate to the most?

I like to play extreme characters- my favorite roles are supporting usually because they have a more interesting story to tell. I like broken people with serious psychological issues, substance issues, abuse… i channel emotion and suffering well.

I guess people think I am a bit of a sicko, since  I portray a really good torture victim, I also enjoy playing the villain, ALOT. Something I have been having fun this year with too are roles that are non human. As an actress you get to start from scratch when your character is paranormal or a creature. It’s free range to do anything with it!

Who inspires you in acting and what films inspire you?

Everyone inspires my acting work. I like real stories and real people. I people watch often…even the most subtle movements, body language, gestures…they all have meaning behind them. I like to study what those are and why.

I have never trained formally as an actress, and I think that has helped separate me so quickly from many others- my performance is not practiced, it’s real. People keep telling me that I effect them when they watch me, that they go through things with me. I like to think that I do not “act”, I relive.

Why did you want to be part of the comic book “FANGS”?

I have been a vampire fan most of my life. I grew up with Buffy! Some of the Fangsonly comics I had read (prior to being a Comic Book Diva) were the Buffy comics.

At the time, I had not done a vampire film and had no intention to because of the over saturation in the market. “FANGS” appealed to me because the plot was interesting- it kept vampires more evil and empowered women all in the same story.

The characters are great and the Scattered Comics Studios artist Josh Barker is very talented. I am flattered to be one of the first Comic Book Divas and to portray a character as cool as “Lilly Le Sang” (Translated from French “Lily The Blood”).

Can you relate to your character in the comic book?

Hell ya! I beat the crap out of guys and kidnap unsuspecting men all the time!! Well, OK  maybe not the kidnapping part. Lilly is a tough chick with leadership skills and a master plan.

She’s got a strong but very dark presence…I’d say that there is definatly a little bit of Devanny in Lilly.

What other comic book projects are you involved in with Comic Book Divas or other companies?

I am pretty loyal to my Comic Book Divas company (Big Grin) I am featured in their online comic “A Life Behind the Mask” as The Gunslinger.

Is there a particular comic book and/or comic book character you would like to be part of in the future?

There is a possibility of being included in Dennis Willman’s Ginger Stein: Rise Of The UndeadFangs” comic book as well- which I am a huge fan of and if I ever get a budget approved would love to produce a film version.

What comics do you or did you used to read?

To be completely honest…I only read Comic Book Divas stuff. I get pretty wrapped up in the film world and every once in awhile I check out video game or comic book headlines for leads on new film titles..but thats about it.

What other interests do you have, what do you like to collect?

I am a Disney geek- I collect Disney princess stuff. I have all the movies, a sing along, bathroom sets, banks, stuffed characters, hair clips, notebooks…it goes on and on.

My male roommates made me take down the bathroom though after seeing my latest princess towel- it has a light up crown on on the top .

We all have that one item we want to own to put in a collection or have a piece of dream memorabilia, what would that be and why?

Freddy Kruger’s glove!! I was never a fan of pepper spray- this guy had the right idea.

What projects are you currently working on this year?

Oh man LOTS of films! About to start shooting a found footage cannibal film- The Locals. Then this spring/summer its… Scream 4 Your Life, Nautica, Witchcraft, Manson Rising, Nebulus and possibly a feature length version of my directorial debut: CathARTic

Plus all the random films that want to attach me and may/may not actually shoot hahah

Can fans see you at any conventions or other events?

I am hearing rumors that I will be attending with The Locals cast at the Los Angeles Weekend of Horrors… its been hard to do the convention thing when I’m filming so much, although I do love doing them!

Where can we learn more about you and follow your career?

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