Alex+Ada #8: Human Vs. Android


Alex + Ada issue #8 has been sitting on my desk for review for a few weeks now and I have finally had a few minutes to tell you all about it. Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna keep the tension going in this saga of human vs. android. As I read it I can clearly see an age old story of one race feeling superior to another and the battle that always ensues to bring about the equality that is so desired by the oppressed.

When you look back over history many of these same stories stand out, going back to the beginning of time, one group dominating another. Egyptians over Hebrews, Gentiles over Jews (that one lasted several millennia through several different countries), whites over Indians, whites over blacks; and the list goes on. There is always one faction that must fight for their equality and the scars can go so deep as to be passed down generation to generation.

Vaughn and Luna bring us this same storyline in the form of man vs. machine. In issue 8 there has been a government crackdown on all sentient androids and the people who “woke” them. Serious consequences have been promised to those who are caught which leaves Alex and Ada little choice but to go into hiding.Alex+AdaFinishing the dinner party that issue 7 left us at, Ada is bothered by the fact that Catherine, Alex’s grandmother, is against awakening Daniel, her companion. With a silent agreement to disagree Alex and Ada leave Grandma’s house and decide that with the recent news of the “crackdown” they want to see how the Degrees Of Freedom forum is doing. Once inside they see that it is filled with members, all of them needing the support of one another. As they listen to a main speaker give a not-so-reassuring speech about the forum being a sanctuary and encouraging the members to stick together for support, Alex and Ada, seemingly unconsciously, grasp hands – and then immediately let go. The reader may surmise it is due to their fear and uncertainty about their future as well as their feelings for each other. Inside the forum they meet up with Franklin and a group of his friends.Alex+Ada 

They are invited into a private room where they can all talk freely without prying eyes. Alex decides to let Ada go on as he feels she needs to have something that is hers alone. Once in the private chat room the conversation takes a surprising turn. Instead of discussing the issue at hand – you know, that whole government thing – they instead discuss things such as jobs that sentient androids have and romantic relations. The group helps Ada to realize that Alex seems to have feeling for her and vice versa. And so, leaving the forum with this new information, Ada goes on a quest and begins to do some research on that topic. She reads a few romance novels, watches some romantic movies and even learns about the art of flirting.

While Ada is watching a lesbian romantic movie, Alex gets a call from his friend Isabel who has recently gotten Prime Wave implanted into her head. As she’s struggling to figure out how to “think” her conversation to Alex she accidentally slips out with “missyoucrapdon’tsendthat”. So…Isabel has a crush, it would seem, on Alex. Luckily for her, Alex didn’t hear what she “thunk-said”. The inside-the-head conversation gives Isabel a headache so Alex lets her go with the promise that he’ll call her when he has the time.


When he comes back to Ada in the living room she comes on to him and they begin making out on the couch. It is short lived however, as Alex is very uncomfortable with it. He and Ada end up in an argument. Ada feels Alex has an issue with her being an android and that is why he is a little weirded out with their making out, while Alex insists it is because she was his birthday present and that he actually chose her name. Alex tells her that before she can possibly be certain about her feelings for him she needs to know “what else and who else is out there”. Both have a strong point and nothing is resolved. It’s late, Alex goes up to bed, and Ada has herself a nice little cry on the couch in the dark. Just before she packs her things and walks out the door.


Thank you for joining me here on Comic Booked for the latest review of Alex+Ada. I hope you enjoyed it and will come back for another when we have issue #9 in our grasp.

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