Alice Cooper Vs Chaos #1

Alice Cooper Vs Chaos

Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos #1

Writers: Tim Seeley and Jim Terry

Artist: Jim Terry

Colorist: Aikau Oliva

Letterer: A Larger World Studios

Cover: Joyce Chin

Cover colorist: Ivan Nunes

4 rockin’ guitars out of 5 – Fab color, intense cover and storyline didn’t disappoint

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Newest Comic Series from Dynamite Entertainment

Lord of Nightmares (AKA Alice Cooper), ends his nefarious night life as he wakes up and shifts out of the Lording business. He immediately morphs into Alice Cooper – who, at that moment –  is planning his concert  trip to Chicago and Milwaukee. (Great places to visit, I might add)

A tangled web is weaved in this introductory series, through multiple stories across the country involving large amounts of blood, a vampire named Chastity, a red tinted girl named Purgatori (the Mistress of Blood kind vice heavenly interlude kinda purgatory) and multiple innocent bystanders that get gnawed on.

Milwaukee Twist

Milwaukee’s ‘The Rave’ is the final scene in this #1 comic in the Alice Cooper series, starting the convergence of story lines that begin to merge plots.  Scene opens, revealing Alice Cooper in concert belting out “Welcome to my Nightmare” in the most ominous tone!  Double meaning???  Hmmm, somethings coming, I’m pretty sure of that!

How can someone not love this new comic, it has Alice Cooper, it’s fresh, it has Alice Cooper, it has Milwaukee’s The Rave and it has Alice Cooper. Boom, that’s how it’s done! Can’t wait for the next issue, it’s gonna be telling and easier to determine where we go from here with Alice. All in all, not bad! (LOVE Joyce Chin’s cover)!!!





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