Breaking: All-New Marvel WHEN?

all new invaders

Just last year, Marvel relaunched most of their line of books under the banner of Marvel NOW. A long with the slew of renumbered books came a series of new books. Starting in December, more of the same is headed your way, under the banner of All-New Marvel NOW.

To commemorate the coming of 2014, some books such as Avengers will be getting a renumbering by the name of Avengers #24. NOW and some new books will be launching, such as All-New Invaders by James Robinson and Steve Pugh, and Inhuman, by Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira.

Presumably more books are expected to be announced in the coming months, with different creative teams and whatnot.

Also, issues will come with a digital code that allows for free digital versions of the comic using the Marvel app on a computer or a phone.

Below is a picture of All-New Avengers

all new avengers

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Renumbering. The dumbest thing ever. Looks like Avengers is going to be keeping is 'original' numbering as well as having an 'All-New' (another) #1.
What's the point in collecting comics if they keep starting over?

I agree with Skott, either go Marvel new 52 and relaunch everything (which will not be popular) or leave it alone. ONe of the reasons I have become more of a DC fan is my frustration with Marvel's constant canceling and restarting of its books. There is no reason for it other than the silly mentality that #1s are really popular. While new 52 is not popular for long time fans, for fans like me who were always afraid to jump in due to the 75 years of history, it has been great.

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