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All Things Writerly: Comics Writing 101

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How to be a comic writer: A guide from experts

Most times, starting something can be difficult and daunting. However, the beauty of life is that no particular method might work for everyone. Life is like a chess game where you use your knowledge and experience, pairing them with several other aspects to make all the moves work. Being uproarious is an exquisite talent. To sit and form jokes that are entertaining is no easy task. Now making a career out of this is more petrifying. Comics writers are dreamers who imagine characters and develop them to maturity strong enough to form a story. For them, the power of imagination went much further than the naked eye could see. You may have developed a fantasy about becoming a comics writer and have no idea of where to start. Well, worry no more because Advanced Writers, a professional essay writing company, aims to guide your steps online. The following are some guides to becoming an excellent comics writer whose skills will be easily applicable also in academic writing.

Learn about comics

Research! For every significant milestone, there was a beginning. To get good at anything you set your mind to, you must first conduct proper research and learn about what you want to do. 

Familiarize yourself with all the comic pieces you may lay your hands on. Learning about comic books and films will help you decide on a dynamic you feel most comfortable at for most audiences and primarily for you. Comics are visual mediums. Being able to design or sketch what happens in a scene can come in very handy. Learn about all the different formatting and layout styles used for comic pieces. 

You could also sample varieties of styles, writers, and artists to assist you in broadening your learning experience. The most popular form of the comic is the superhero comic. Most people tend to venture into this sector because of its imaginative style. An example of such is the Amazing Spider-Man and Batman series.

Think, dream and envision

Typically, careers are a continual process. For example, an engineer does not build one bridge and mark the end of her career. Once you accomplish one thing, you set your mind on another thing. As mentioned earlier, comic writers are dreamers who visualize and express their dreams in movies and books. A comics writer may have a meticulous vision for a book. However, it does not end there. You must keep dreaming and visualizing so that you come up with another piece of writing. That is the best way to learn because the latter will always be better than the first if you learn from your mistakes. Reading creative pieces and watching movies can also broaden your creative spectrum, furnishing you with more ideas to ponder over. Envision your characters as you shape them to life, giving them striking characteristics. You could surround yourself with a brilliant team that will help you build your notions. Remember that dreams have no bounds, so dream and make them big. Albert Einstein once quoted that imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited to, but imagination encircles the world. 

Write your first comic book

Joan Young quotes, “Start writing no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is on. Once you think, dream, and envision your comic book, the next step is to unload your thoughts in writing. Feel no pressure. Remember that you are the governor of the book. You get to decide how you want it to be. It may get perfect after many attempts in writing. The first draft is about telling yourself the story. Writing can seem complicated, but try not to think about it too much. Let all your ideas flow. Carefully illustrate your characters, forcing your audience to envision them as you do. The beauty of your piece will be your words. Write to leave your audience in awe, lusting for more. Following all formats and styles, strategically plan your story systematically from beginning to end. As a comics book writer, you must be mindful of how comic books differ from narrative books. Using all stylistic elements, bring your book to life. After writing the book, proofread to confirm there are no mistakes and correct if you find any. Jodi Picoult highlights that you always edit a wrong page, but you can never edit an empty one. 

Share your comic book

When you finish writing your comic book, please share it with a few people, for example, your friends and family. Let them read it and give you an unbiased opinion on the book. Sharing your writing will help you improve immensely on your passion. They may be able to highlight mistakes you might have goofed and advise you accordingly. If possible, you could find an experienced comic writer to share your book with. Their input may have tremendous results, considering the experience they may have gained as a writer. Finding a skilled writer may seem difficult. However, there are various sites dedicated to helping beginners in comics writing, such as yourself. Professional editors will help you shape your work and guide your way of telling the story. Feedback will always be a chance for you to get better and improve. Positive criticism will always offer you the opportunity to get better. 

Get noticed for your comics

The best way to get noticed as a comics creator is to start producing content and networking. Find a writing community online and share some of your work with them. Often friends and fans will get excited about your stories and help to communicate in ways you may not have thought about. Supportive friends can help you publicize your work through websites and any other kind of platform. 

Sites such as Tech Times explain how comic book conventions are a great place to start networking. Get contact information of artists and writers you may like and find out what kind of work is popular. Among the best ways to build a reputation for yourself is to collaborate with artists looking to venture into the comic book content. The results can be fitted in a website or a blog that will help you maximize your chances of getting noticed. It can also help you build a fan base online, which can be helpful once you decide to self-publish your work.

Venturing into something new is never easy. It takes a great mastery of courage and confidence. The earlier you decide to venture in, the better it gets for you, so take that step today.

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