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Alterna Comics IF Anthology Kickstarter Preview

Alterna Comics

I have been a huge fan of Alterna since the first time I picked up Peter Semeti’s book turned movie The Chair. Semeti and the good folks at Alterna have helped creators put out some top notch indie and creator owned books that have not been hindered by publishers and their particular brand of demands. Alterna has always been a place that allows the creator to create, unhindered and unrushed, making for some innovative and fun books.

IF Banner 1

One of Alterna’s best ideas has been a series of books called IF. IF takes an idea and let’s loose a group of creators to do their best or worst making for a large, interesting, and creator packed booked that takes many different twists and turns from many different perspectives. The collaborative efforts of IF are widespread and I don’t think that many other publishers could pull off a triple digit creator book. Wrangling together close to a hundred people and keeping them all on point with topic as well as deadlines is probably a feat unto itself but it seems that Alterna’s success from the first IF campaign has lit a fire under these creators and caught on with fans because the idea of IF has only gained momentum coming into this newest Kickstarter campaign.

IF 1

This newest IF is centered around superpowers and the super human condition. There is just over twenty some odd days left in the Kickstarter and IF has already hit it’s humble goal of five hundred dollars and is well on its way to some pretty cool stretch goals. Some of the rewards include both IF Anthology digital books for around twelve dollars or for people like me they offer both books in print for only fifty dollars. There are a ton of prizes in between that satisfy the needs of pretty much anyone and because it’s already funded there is no worries of IF not hitting its goal.

IF and many other Alterna comics are available at Alterna’s website and the latest IF Anthology is on Kickstarter as we speak.

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