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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con: Cosplay!

Vegas Comic Con 2019

Let me start this by saying Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con was my very first Comic Con experience. Between the labyrinth of tables in artist alley, and the shelves and seemingly endless boxes of comics, the experience was almost overwhelming, at times. The highlight though, the part that kept a huge smile on my face, was definitely the cosplay. For someone that is new to the comic book convention scene, it’s easy to create how you’d imagine the convention would look. I created an idea of who I would see, and what the venue would look like, but I was really glad that it was nothing like I imagined.

It was extremely easy to appreciate the work, time and dedication these people put in to the costumes they wore. I saw families of all ages dressed in group costumes, while there were also individuals dressed as both popular or obscure characters from the world of comic books, TV, movies and anime. All of them together. Not in the sense that they showed up to the convention together, or that these follow attendees even knew each other. They were together in their fandom. This place where they can freely express how much they love Deadpool, which I saw many people dressed as.

As I look back over my experience there, I find myself trying to pick a favorite. It’s incredibly unfair to try to pick a favorite when everyone had such awesome costumes. I saw one African-American boy around the age of 10 dressed as Miles Morales from “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”. Complete with the iconic Jordan 1’s, black spider suit and hoodie. Great, but not my favorite. I saw, what looked like a family of four dressed as various doctors from the “Doctor Who” franchise. One of which dressed as the 11th doctor complete with the bow-tie and fez. While I am an extremely huge fan of “Doctor Who”, I can’t call it my favorite. The winner has got to be a kid that dressed as Optimus Prime. In, what looked like, a handmade costume, this kid beamed pride as soon as you saw him. As I walked up to him to ask for a picture, he looked as though he would never get tired of the attention. He even stood in an action-like stance. I know he was smiling under that mask.

The nerves of the event got to me. It was difficult to walk up to strangers and ask to take a picture of them. As time progressed, and I saw how much fun these people were having, it became so easy to ask. I had so much fun and want to thank everyone there for a hell of an experience.

Thanks again, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con! More coverage to follow…

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