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America’s Kingdom Kickstarter

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I love nothing more than to back projects that need our help but please believe that this project is something different.  Brian Hawkins is one of my favorite indie creators and America’s Kingdom is one of my most absolute favorite books.  The idea is so simple yet it goes so deep that the implications of the premise are mind blowing.  I’m a proud American and I love my country but what if just one thing went different?  what if, “America had never been a democracy but a monarchy?”  We take for granted a lot of what makes our country great and the way that Hawkins presents this idea is, simply put, on another level.  Gnosis Comics and Brian Hawkins have a winner with America’s Kingdom and I put it on all of us to get this project funded!

AK#1 page 13

the idea of America having a king and being a monarchy really was something that was not only plausible, if it wasn’t for the wisdom of George Washington it would have happened.  As I said, the idea is simple but the implications are mind blowing. I feel that this comic book is not only a great idea come to life as far as writing, the creative team of artists are also amazing.  The artist team not only do the idea justice they bring it to life in with simply amazing looking characters and seriously BA backgrounds.  The art is stellar and this team has a winner that NEEDS to be funded!


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