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Andrew Dost of ‘fun.’ gets Comic Booked!


A few weeks back Comic Booked premiered a new column called ‘Music To Read By’, in which we take a popular song and talk about which comic books it seems to fit best with as a soundtrack. To kick off that new series, we knew we had to go big, so we started off with the track ‘We Are Young’ from band fun., who have been topping the charts for months on end! Then we decided to take things one step further, and we set up an interview with fun.’s very own Andrew Dost, who performs vocals, piano, guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers and a number of other instruments in the band and was nice enough to sit down and answer quite a few questions with us!


Illustrated by Jeremy Boreske Colored by Todd Erwin


Jordamus Prime for Comic Booked- Hey Andrew! First off I want to say thanks for agreeing to interview with Comic Booked! I know I’m personally a fan of your work and actually saw you and the band perform live a few months back at Winter Jam 2012 here in Philadelphia! To go ahead and get things started, I’m just going to dive right in and ask; pretty much every band in all of history has some sort of amazing “on the road” stories to tell, what is the craziest thing that has happened so far while you guys have been touring?

Andrew Dost- Well, you know we’re not actually that crazy a people, and we’ve actually had just really good luck lately so we haven’t had any major catastrophes to have to work around. It’s been pretty smooth sailing! Most of our craziness is really more about blown tires or running out of gas and coasting down mountains to try and get to a gas station and stuff like that. Other than that I can’t think of anything too crazy, we’re kind of boring I guess?

Comic Booked– Awesome! Moving right along, your hit single ‘We Are Young’ came out a few months back and is actually the first rock or alternative song to place on the Billboard Hot 100 since Cold play’s “Viva la Vida” back in 2008! How do you guys feel about that? fun_

Andrew Dost– Really good! I mean obviously we’re all really big fans of rock music, so it’s really kind of an honor to be putting out a rock song and seeing it getting so much attention. It’s been pretty cool.

Comic Booked– Did you guys ever imagine that the song would be as big as it is, or did it sort of sneak up on you out of nowhere?

Andrew Dost– It’s not really a surprise, but we really weren’t expecting it. I mean we’ve been doing this and making music for so long that nothing has quickly happened for us ever, so it was really nice to see this just sort of take off and be received as well as it has!

Comic Booked– And this album, “Some Nights”, is actually the bands second full studio release right? And you guys have only been around for what, three or four years now? With this second album being such a hit, can fans expect to see another new album from you and the guys anytime in the near future?

Andrew Dost– Well right now we’re just going to be touring pretty extensively for a while. I love the studio and I’m really looking forward to getting back, but for the time being we will just be doing a lot of touring.

Comic Booked– What would you say is probably your favorite city you’ve hit so far while on tour?

Andrew Dost– I love New York! It’s the greatest city in the world I think, but for some reason Salt lake City and Rochester always have the fans that are most excited! Those shows are always really crazy and really wonderful.

FunBandImageComic Booked– Nice choices! How would you say your lives have changed or been affected since ‘We Are Young’ took off on the pop-charts?

Andrew Dost– Our day to day lives haven’t really changed, so it’s still very much a lot of the same. We are still just touring and we’re playing these shows, and other than that pretty much just the same I guess one major thing is that I have a lot more self confidence because I know people are at the least listening to the songs we make. As an artist that really gives me a little more confidence and a little more trust in myself and trust that people will know what we’re doing. It’s a really great feeling!

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It's always cool to get a look at the person behind the music. Great interview!

So he's a fan of Superman?

Great interview showing a different side of the band.

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