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Anime Central 2015 – Saturday Shashin


2015 Anime Central, the 3rd largest North American Anime convention was held at Rosemont, IL this year – surpassing all expectations and lots of shashin to prove it!!!  Almost 30,000 people came last year – pretty confident this year eclipsed those numbers!  Maid cafe, costume contest, runnings of new movies and videos are exciting and available, but most exciting was the con floor cosplay!  Phenomenal anime cosplay with very creative, unique and even some handmade characters!  Stellar costumes this year!

Incredible con photographers such as Michael and Patricia Wilson from Stage Photographic, Renuchan Photography, Ronald Ladao Photography, from the Preflight Donut, among many others! On the Anime Central Facebook site you can catch many hobby photographers who posted their portfolios from the weekend, such as Joseph Johnson, Electric Insomnia, Camiella Mears, Ross Cunha and many others. Great snaps to be seen – especially if you did not attend the con – you will feel like you did !!!

The convention offered so many things it truly gave everyone a little something.  There were anime screening rooms, concerts, a dealers room, artist alley, karaoke and masquerade, formal ball, massive amounts of panels and Q&A’s with a dealers room and some gaming and arcade among the massive amounts of things provided for con-goers.  Fantastically well put together and very fan friendly con that embraces all forms of cosplay and costuming.  Almost every genre was represented, Gaming, Anime, Comics, Marvel, DC, movies and TV characters, Independent, Steampunk, military, furry and pony to name a few.

In 2012 there had been a fire alarm, and that was relived when there was another fire alarm during ACEN 2015… con goers trampled so many of the spring flowers in the hotel landscaping it was painful!!!  Everyone was ok and it was just an alarm not a true fire.

Costuming opportunities at this con are amazing with great photographers meandering around the convention, which can prove a bonus if you go.   Lots of the pics are pasted up on the Anime Central Facebook site for downloading under Anime Central, or on the net at   His  rating – must go if you are into cosplay or costuming in general  Plan for this con next year – not limited to Anime or Manga by any means!

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ACEN 201512
Photo courtesy of Ronald Ladao

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ACEN 201506

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