anime milwaukee

The largest Anime convention in Wisconsin, Anime Milwaukee, was ‘on’ full force all the way to closing time Sunday at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI!  Fun, popular, all age friendly event displaying great vendors, colorful cosplays and Kigurumi’s running around en mass – only at an Anime convention!   Cosplays ranged from Daft Punk, Marvel, DC, Manga, Kigurumi, all range Anime to Steampunk and medieval!  Whew, it was all there – loud and proud!  Luved it – especially the Symphonic Anime Orchestra where volunteer fans performed – some decked in cosplay.

Artists of Interest:  Trevor Mueller’s latest project is ALBERT THE ALIEN – find it on THRILLBENT website.   He’s creator, writer and artist of an award-winning webcomic series (, and venue lectures all around on such topics as merging creativity and literacy.  Lives in Chi-Town – love it!

Artist of Interest:  Alan Evans – artist/creator of #1 wrestling webcomic, Rival Angels.   He’s also worked with wrestling companies, The Dreamer, DC, Hi-Fi Color Design, Digital Webbing and other independent studios.  Check him out at

Loved the Cosplays here – hamburger dude, Fullmetal Alchemist crossplay and Titan pajamas grabbed me – but Daft Punk was my jam!  One convention thing stood out – camaraderie – no bullying and total acceptance.  Luv Milwaukee’s cosplay vibe – no hating.  Convention line-up included a Charity Ball, Cosplay combat chess, art show, children’s programming, cosplay meet ups, a huge Maid Cafe, a rave, manga library, and a masquerade.  The event was well thought out and a finely managed success with something for everyone.

Anime Milwaukee  2015 – success!!!

Anime Milwaukee19
Artist Trevor Mueller rocks Anime Milwaukee! Motivated guy and crowd fav!
Anime Milwaukee20
Rival Angels artist Alan Evans at his booth hangin’ with the crowd!
Anime Milwaukee35
Can’t get away from the comics!!
Anime Milwaukee32
Anime Milwaukee37
Fullmetal Alchemist crossplay
Anime Milwaukee36
Volunteer Anime Orchestra – unique group cosplaying anime fans while role playing musicians! NICE!
Anime Milwaukee34
Like it!
Anime Milwaukee30
Ren/steampunk cosplay
Anime Milwaukee33
Black Widow ready to fight and defend
Anime Milwaukee31
These guys – hilarious!
Anime Milwaukee29
First ever – service dog cosplay – the Punisher!
Anime Milwaukee26
Wolverine! Gotta watch that guy!
Anime Milwaukee25
Anime Milwaukee24
Dr. Who on scene
Anime Milwaukee27
Great! Luv the commitment to the characters!
Anime Milwaukee23
these guys!
Anime Milwaukee22
Anime Milwaukee21
Cute Lolita!
Anime Milwaukee14
Anime Milwaukee17
Big Hero 6 villain
Anime Milwaukee18
Titan pajamas made me smile!
Anime Milwaukee13
Anime Milwaukee11
Luv the guy groups – fun cosplay!
Anime Milwaukee3
My Favorite!!!
Anime Milwaukee7
Anime Milwaukee1
Deadpool crashing anime!
Anime Milwaukee4
Fantastic costume!
Anime Milwaukee2
Lobby con!
Anime Milwaukee5
I was surprised, but saw just a few Star Wars cosplays!
Anime Milwaukee9
Assassins Creed!
Anime Milwaukee15
Very cute!
Anime Milwaukee12
Anime Milwaukee10
Sister cosplay with steampunk fan
Anime Milwaukee6

Anime Milwaukee8

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