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Most Anticipated Comic Book Movies For 2017


2017 is looking to be a stellar year for movies based on comic books. There is a range or sequels and a variety of new films as well. Many of the top comic book films of last year have been made into newer slot games at lots of online casinos. Take a look at the most anticipated comic book movies for 2017 to see why you may want to claim a new player casino bonus at


The LEGO Batman Movie


A Batman themed LEGO character is sure to be a hit with younger folk and adults too. This film is not going to have dark undertones, but it will sure be fun to watch with kids. Computer generated films are always top earners.


Wolverine 3 Poster
Wolverine 3 Poster



This is another in a string of films based on the X-Men character Wolverine. The main thing about this film is it will likely have a more grounded and gritty approach. Movies like this are often made into an assortment of online games like slots.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2


This is the sequel to the original light-hearted space opera that was a huge hit for Marvel. Fans will not have much longer to wait to see the ongoing adventures of this group of intergalactic misfits.


Wonder Woman


This comic character has been on the small screen, but is soon to be on the big screen. She is staring in a solo movie for the first time after being a main part of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice seen in the summer of 2016. This film will be based on the backdrop of WWI.


Spider-Man: Homecoming


This is another installment in the Spider Man franchise that is attempting at new reboot. The story this time has the character involved with other characters in the Marvel universe. Fans of Iron Man will be thrilled as he will make an appearance in this film.


Thor: Ragnarok


This Norse character is popular in comics and the theme is also popular for online slots. Thor is now in his third movie and is bringing backup in the form of other Marvel characters. This is a strategy used to see a lot of success at the box office. Look for the Norse themed Thunderstruck II slots game at All Slots Online Casino.


Justice League


This is a Warner Bros film based on DC comic characters. The three main characters in the film include Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. These three get to be on screen together for the first time.


The Inhumans


This is not actually a movie, but rather a TV show for the small screen. The show’s pilot will be shown on the big screen in IMAX theaters for about two weeks in September. This show should do well as the characters have been seen prominently in Agents of S.H.I.E.LD TV show.


Black Panther


This comic character made his first appearance in the film Captain America: Civil War. Expect to see lots of excitement and friction as he finds his way is his first feature film. This movie is set to get filmed this year with a release date in 2018.

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