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Are Comic Books Turning Kids into Game Lovers?


In last few years comic books and videos games are back in fashion. Increasing revenue of these companies are making it more evident. Looking back into the past comics are the part of every kid lifestyle. Comics provide entertainment even some comics provide social learning in their stories which help kids for becoming a good citizen for nation. Talking about comics cannot be completed without Superheros. The concept of superhero is invented or introduced by comic books only. Superhero is a man with great courage to save humankind some of them have superpowers as well. Which help them in fighting or defeating evil powers or any calamity. That can be dangerous to human kind.

Moving ahead let’s talk about the affair between comic book and video games and how they are creating kids into video game lovers. Comic books convert kids into game lovers by adding comic book character in video game. Some of the best games are those. who emphasis on mechanics and solid, Character centric timeline including background, key villains etc. Even some games comes with comic book story adaptation as well. Which is great for both industries as game gets a already popular storyline including character. Comic book just enters more in the life of comic lovers. So it’s a win win situation for both and may continue in future. But that doesn’t means that individual games lose their identity. Pubg is a great example of that even after 2 years of its release pubg update are coming regularly. Which is a sign of great popularity.  

The Collaboration

As we all know games based on comic book characters is a result of several collaboration between comic book companies and video game companies. As they both started working together Since 1980  at that time things not gone well. That was the age of bulky gaming consoles. But with technology advancement in recent years. Made things universally available.

Great graphics work as icing on the cake. Comic books and gaming are getting better day by day. Also provide a more realistic experience to viewers. As long comic book exist adaptation will take place. In order to encash popularity of  comic book characters in games. Also giving royalty revenue which makes comic book companies more efficient in adaptation of new technology and making them better

Best Games Based on Comic Books

There are a wide variety of games available today but here we will discuss games that really worth.

  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
  • X Men: Rise of Apocalypse
  • Injustice: God Among Us
  • The Walking Dead

If you never played any game based on comic characters. The above list is a must try for you. These games have great story adaptation including high resolution graphics . The video given below give you a glimpse of great games.


Playing games based on comic book adaptation is fun. Makes your dream come true as you plays the role of your superhero virtually. It will work for you as a stress buster but without limits. It can lead to a addiction which is harmful for your psychological conditions which lead to a bad health as well . So Enjoy playing roleplay by playing comic book characters virtually with a discipline can be a great stress buster as well.