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Armor I #2 Review

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Writer Marcel Dupree
Pencils Carlos Trigo
Inks Gulliver Vianei
Colors Andrea Celestini
Letters/Design Marco Della Verde
Editor Richard Still

At this point in my reviewing career there are a couple of indie publishers that have my full attention for any project they have. Evoluzione is certainly one of those publishers. I’ve watched Evoluzione and their IP’s grow into a force in the indie comic world and that reputation is well earned. They have been consistent with quality of product, as well as Kickstarter fulfillment, and overall customer service, so I can say with certainty that the upcoming Armor I Kickstarter will be no different.

I was able to read issue two of Armor I and I can’t say enough writer Marcel Dupree’s ability to write for a younger crowd. Armor I is the perfect example of a book I wish I had when I was in middle school. When I was that young I was reading death of Superman and X-Men but Armor I is even more suited for that age range. Above the fact that it’s great for that age range it’s also something I feel is fun for all ages because as a grown adult I still enjoy books like Armor I. The story is just a continuation of the foundation issue one set but the action scenes are ramped up and the gas of action is petal to the metal. Almost all of issue two is action scene after action scene with just enough story progression to keep the reader from losing focus.

Like I said, action scene after action scene, and the art team of Trigo, Vienei and Celestini really step it up to give this book the best look it deserves. Trigo has a slight anime style to his character design but not enough to ignore his style as unique and one of a kind. Trigo and Vienei combine to have very precise lines and Vienei thickens up some spots to perfectly compliment Trigo’s style. The color remains the same from issue one to two and the consistency of Celestini is very professional. I’ve been excited about the colors because Celestini works around the thick lines of the inks and works well with both light and dark shades.

The overall quality of this book is good enough reason to keep an eye out for the Kickstarter but in addition to the quality of the book some there will be a lot of extras including some of the pics used in this article. So keep an eye out for the Armor I Kickstarter coming soon!

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