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Author Page: Aaron Clutter

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Kicking off our Author Page spotlights, I thought I would start. My name is Aaron Clutter and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Booked. I have been with the site, in some form, since August of 2013 and stepped into the EIC role in May of 2014.

Why should you care about anything I say about comics? I have been reading and collecting comic books since 1980 something. My collection is much larger than the room I actually have for it and I am pretty sure that it causes my wife physical pain every time she looks at my boxes of comics. She even says it gives her weird dreams. I don’t understand.

I used to co-own a baseball card/comic book shop. Through the years, I have worked with multiple comic book stores in Ohio, North Carolina, and now in Maryland, and been involved in all sorts of gaming tournaments from Magic to Pokemon, The Spoils to Heroclix, and pretty much everything in between. Through work with Star City Games, I have judged large tournaments for Magic, the VS card game, and Naruto.

All around, I just love comics. I read almost everything that comes out and buy way too many each week. I love a new comic, an indy comic, or just a fun comic that no one else is really reading. I am always open to talk about comics, movies, TV, and gaming and I really love working with the team we have here on Comic Booked.

Be sure you are reading my regular stuff; JAZM, Thursday’s Valiant Effort, and a multitude of other articles and reviews each week including event coverage and full episode reviews of The Walking Dead.

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