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Author Page: Colin K. Bass

Nightwing, Colin K Bass

Colin K. Bass got his start in the comic book industry as a staff writer for He then moved onto writing and acting in The Quest Web Series as Colin Banks aka The Crimson Blur. After developing a small, but loyal fan base; Colin and his team took over Comic Booked Studios and decided to dive into the fan film genre.

Young Justice: Abduction was born. He currently writes and stars in YJA as Dick Grayson aka Nightwing. They caught the attention of another studio, Bad Cat Films, and teamed up to film a WonderCon promo video. They are currently working on drastically increasing the quality of the series and improving everything about the series; from actors to costumes.

In the mean time, Colin was inspired by “The Office” to create The Apartment Web Series with his roommates/team mates. Along with the web series, Colin works with his team to create multiple interviews, shorts, cosplay videos, and more. You can see how far Colin and his team has come on the Comic Booked Studios YouTube:

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