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Author Page: David Hinspeter

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I consume stories. From books to video games, I find myself drawn to the tales that surround us. I read my first novel at the age of five, Dragons of Autumn Twilight and lost myself to realms of fantasy. Later, I read Batman Dracula: Red Rain, which not only got me into the horror genre, but into super heroes as well. From there I got into science fiction horror like Aliens and Predator. Video Games didn’t become a big part of my life until I played Armored Core.

All of these stories were jumping points, and I dived right in. Video Games have developed the interactive story to a point that makes them the most engrossing kind of tale. In all that time, however, nothing has spoken to me quite like comic books. They have their cyclical story lines, compelling heroes and villains, some truly amazing art, and the idea of the super hero may be the most appealing concept I have ever heard.

Television has become a visual form of comics, with long running shows leveraging many of the same techniques and aspects that make comics so endearing. And lets not forget the advent of the comic movie! Seeing our beloved characters brought to life so convincingly is a treat for any of us who have been grabbing the glossies for years.

Stories are the biggest and most satisfying hobby I could have chosen, and I love talking about each and every one that I come across. Why wouldn’t I be here, sharing my love for the Story, and my quest for the greatest Tale ever Told with all of you who have a bit of love for them as well?

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