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Author Page: Jacob Scribner


I came to Comic Booked via Screen Rebellion due to my friend from high school, Derreck Mayer. Before he brought me aboard, he noticed that I wrote a lot of impromptu reviews of movies I’d recently seen and thought they were so good that he invited me to become a contributor to the website. Being an actor and wannabe screenwriter, I like to reflect on any film I see and get my thoughts out on why it did or didn’t work. When judging a movie, I typically grade it on five areas: acting, writing, direction, cinematography and entertainment value. If it does at least three things well, I usually can find it in my heart to recommend it to others.

Unless I mention it specifically in the title of the article, I try to keep my report as spoiler-free as possible. I’m of the opinion that regardless of how good or bad I find a movie to be, it’d be unfair of me to ruin it for someone else who still has a desire to see it. However, in certain articles—like my Godzilla (2014) article—spoilers are inevitable if I’m going to be able to give any kind of reasonable input on it. Typically when so doing, it isn’t a normal review; I prefer to save spoilers for editorials in which I write about particular themes or cliches found within the movie of topic.

Aside from giving my honest opinion and reporting any interesting facts I find about whatever it is I’m writing about, I usually try to include a little humor…usually with a visual of some sort. Since I don’t have a decent camera to record video reviews, I can’t always rely on rhetoric alone to convey the humor. More often than not, sarcastic or comedic tones tend to be miscommunicated via the Internet, and since conventional wisdom teaches us that pictures are worth 1,000 words, I usually feel that a stock photo from Google or a clever Photoshop manipulation drives the joke home much easier.

So if you’re in the mood to read about what’s currently in theaters—or about a movie simply worthy of discussion—you should peruse my submissions and enjoy yourselves. And by the way, thank you for reading!

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