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Author Page: Justin Padgett

Author Page

Hi Everybody, I’m Justin Padgett. Thanks for coming to! I’m the Managing Editor for from Atlanta, Ga. I’m excited to be a part of the ComicBooked team. I was drawn to this site because of the care the staff takes in putting the content together and the great interaction within the online comic community. Hopefully I can become a strong part of the group going forward.

I have been an X-men fan since the late 80’s. The X-men are a group that just pulls in you with all of the character interaction, that’s what pulled me to the books. Plus the fact that around that time Jim Lee’s run on X-men Vol. 2 started, so that helped a bit also. So, basically, I’ve been an X-men fan for a long time now, though by no means am I an expert on this massive team of ever changing mutants. In addition I’m also a huge fan of Daredevil.

I read a wide range of books per month from Marvel and DC to Image and Zenescope titles. I’ve been reviewing comics on my youtube channel for about 6 months and also doing comic haul videos so check those out when you get a chance.  I hope to tie in my videos to future reviews here also.  A little non comic related information about me,  I’m also a crossfitter and car nut.  I belong to a local car club and enjoy taking my car through the twisted roads in the north Georgia mountains. I have two Australian Shepherds, both blue merle and always full of energy and sometimes show up in my comic videos,…uninvited.  Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me.  I look forward to reading your comments and questions on future reviews.

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