Author Page: Nick Sergi

There, there, now, no need to worry: it might all seem peculiar, particularly since I write for this site but don’t even have a pull-list, but help is on the way. I was a pretty big comic book fan – and aspiring creator of comic books – all the way back in fifth and sixth grade. It was pretty easy back then, when your best friend was the one that amassed a huge collection, and when he had a drafting table and all the needed supplies to create some of our own comic books. If you’re nice about it, I might share some of those books I created way back then! That was almost 30 years ago!

I might not buy a lot of comic books, but I am pretty much still up on things. I keep my ear pretty close to the ground, but it doesn’t take much to see just how much comic books have soaked into our culture.  Even though I’ve never read any of the recent books cover to cover, I have a good idea of how important the infinity gauntlet is. Comic book films, printed reboots of long-running staples, and the importance of geek culture has allowed for easy osmosis of much of this material, and it’s pretty fascinating. It’s all in fun, sure, but as a writer, as someone who has had an interest in the development of popular culture, I am also wary of where this is heading. Is there a chance that over-saturation of comic books into films and pop culture in general will occur? Is it possible that people might abruptly stick their noses up at box office, throwing off the plans and careers of major studios into chaos?

Yes, I am very interested in where things will go from here. How far can the rubber band be stretched before it snaps back. Nothing lasts forever. In the meantime, we can sit back and be entertained. But during that time, I will continue to keep my ear on the ground!

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