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So I was told from our EIC that I needed to tell a little about myself and why I am on here doing what we do. My name, as far as you know it, is RaeBabie Bairden. I’ve been writing for Comic Booked for a few months now and I have been enjoying being able to stretch my creative arm a bit.

As a kid I was given the understanding that comics were for kids. It was a childish book that kids loved to love, although I never had any of my own. I used to sneak into my mothers closet and read a few now and then that my brother had left behind when he went into the army. Beyond that I’m not sure if I even knew how one would acquire them. As a teenager I may have come into posession of a few Archie comics but that was the extent of it.

Then when I was 18 I met someone who saw comics in a completely different light from me. He has spent the last 24 years trying to break through my stereotype to get me to see the fascination in comic books. Although I’m not completely there (and may never be) he has begun to deteriorate that preconceived notion that I have and there are a few books now that I really enjoy reading. I wouldn’t call myself an expert and never say that I do, however I feel that I bring a fresh perspective to the Comic Booked pool and I try to bring a different angle to the reviews I share with you. I’m opening up and seeing that not all comics are bad and that, in moderation, they can be enjoyed even by a near middle-aged mom.

I hope you enjoy our site and my articles. See you around the Comic Book!




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