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Avengers: Infinity War. Was It Good? Spoiler-Free Review

Infinity War

The Infinity War is finally here. After the years of setup, we finally have the mother of all superhero movies. With expectations so high, does it deliver? Simply put, YES! Here is my spoiler-free review of the 3rd installment of the Avengers series.

Thanos has his sights set on the rest of the infinity stones and it’s up to our favorite superheroes to try and stop him. But we already know the synopsis, so lets dig into this thing.  From the opening sequence this movie grabs you and does not let you go. It’s the type of movie you have to sit and take a deep breathe as the credits roll.  The last word of the title is key when preparing to see this movie. War! You definitely see all of the aspects of war in this movie. Sounds kind of heavy, right? Well, it is! The humor in this movie is almost flawless. Why? Because it has to be. This movie gets very heavy at times, so the well timed humor definitely helps the tone and pacing.

I went into this movie very skeptical of how they will be able to juggle between the story lines of so many heroes, but I have to say, they didn’t do bad. You will be taken to different places with different heroes but you never lose track of what is going on.

There are some amazing performances from the heroes. Tony Stark is incredible. But Thanos definitely steals the show. After watching Black Panther, I didn’t think it was possible to see a villain portrayed better in the M.C.U than Killmonger. Boy, was I wrong. Josh Brolin adds an amazing level of depth to Thanos while still showing he is not to be messed with. We get some backstory to him which turns him into a character and not just the villain. I guess the people at Marvel heard all of the gripes about their villains and took note.

With a run time of two hours and forty minutes this movie doesn’t drag. It’s stuffed full of great action, witty banter, and let’s not forget our Stan Lee cameo. It isn’t perfect though. With the growth that some of the characters get, others are kind of left out to dry (but that is me being nit-picky). So, is it good? Yes!!! It was worth the wait. It exceeded my expectations. If you read the comics, it has so much for you.

My score: 4.5/5

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I already wanted to see the movie & now your making me antsy to go to the theater!

Oh, make sure you stay for the post-credit scene!

Not only is it a good watch but it I is a very fun theater experience.

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