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Avengers Spotlight: Hawkeye

Avengers Spotlight: Hawkeye





SUBJECT: Hawkeye

Avengers Spotlight: HawkeyeREAL NAME: Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton

ALIASES: Ronin, Goliath, Golden Archer

ABILITIES: Proficiency with bow and arrow, swords; no known super powers



HEIGHT: 6’3”

WEIGHT: 230 lbs



PLACE OF BIRTH: Waverly, Iowa, USA



When Clint Barton first came on the scene, there was a short window of opportunity to turn him to our favor. Orphaned at a young age, Barton joined a traveling circus alongside his brother Bernard [See file, 21974-3 BARTON, CHARLES BERNARD//Cross-reference 7127-2 DARK AVENGERS]. While there, Barton was trained in the use of blades by the Swordsman [ See file 61457-8 DUQUESNE, JACQUES] and in the use of a bow and arrow by Trickshot [ See file 54178-5 CHISOLM, BUCK]. His “super heroics” were a reaction to seeing Iron Man [See file 125-8 STARK, TONY]. His narcissism led him to attract the attention for himself, using his talents in flashy ways in public. The attention he received, however, was less than positive, quickly being branded a thief. He fled, and in his confusion, was manipulated into a partnership by the Black Widow [See file 435-2 ROMANOVA, NATALIA], and after a few more run-ins with Iron Man, his reputation is solidified.



Avengers Spotlight: HawkeyeBarton eventually has a “change of heart” and auditions for a spot on the Avengers [See file 024-7 AVENGERS]. His performance consisted of seemingly kidnapping the Avengers’ butler, Jarvis [See file 5471-2 JARVIS, EDWIN] and using his skills as an archer to perform a trick shot and free the butler from his bonds. Iron Man pardons Barton’s past deeds and Captain America [See file 012-6 ROGERS, STEVEN] offers him a spot on the team. Captain America and Barton, alongside new Avengers Quicksilver [See file 574-5 MAXIMOFF, PIETRO] and the Scarlet Witch [See file 574-6 MAXIMOFF, WANDA], quickly become known as “Cap’s Kooky Quartet”.

Hawkeye becomes an integral part of the Avengers’ team, though often crossing paths with Captain America over disagreements in leadership. (Many times, Hydra agents have been sent in during times of high tension to recruit Barton as an agent, but each attempt has failed). At one point in his career, Barton used a growth serum developed by Henry Pym [See file 132-7 PYM, HENRY “HANK”] and adopted the identity of Goliath [See file/s 645-8, 2371-4 GOLIATH]. In a symbolic, yet futile, gesture, Barton breaks his bow over his knee, proclaiming “the Avenger called Hawkeye is no more!” His career as Goliath spanned a few months, up until the Kree-Skrull War [See file/s 5812-7 CAPTAIN MARVEL/MAR-VELL 9412-7 RONAN THE ACCUSER//Cross-reference 4213-5 KREE-SKRULL WAR], when his skills as an archer helped him to down a Kree warship upon which he is a prisoner. He resumes the mantle of Hawkeye and soon quits the Avengers due to the budding romance between Scarlet Witch and Vision [See file 4621-2 VISION]. (It was at this point, a Hydra agent again attempted to infiltrate Baron, but with no success). His solo career spans a number of missions, but nothing entirely notable, and he soon rejoins the Avengers.



Avengers Spotlight: HawkeyeWhile working as Head of Security for Cross Technological Enterprises, Barton crosses paths with Mockingbird [See file 712-6 MORSE, BARBARA “BOBBI”]. A former S.H.I.E.L.D. [See file 001-1 S.H.I.E.L.D.] agent, Morse enlists Barton’s help to take down the villain Crossfire [See file 56214-4 CROSS, WILLIAM]. Soon after their first “mission” together, Barton and Morse run away and get married. At the behest of the new leader of the Avengers, Vision sends Barton and Morse to California where Barton leads a team of West Coast Avengers [See file 024-9 WEST COAST AVENGERS]. While the team faces a demonic battle against Mephisto [See file 5121-7 MEPHISTO] and Satannish [See file 5971-3 SATANNISH], Morse is fatally wounded while saving Barton and dies in his arms. The event caused Barton to leave the Avengers for a second time, isolating himself in the Canadian Rockies. After some time in reflection, he rejoins the Avengers just prior to the attack of Onslaught [See file 8124-6 ONSLAUGHT].

Records of Hawkeye’s whereabouts, as well as the whereabouts of a number of other heroes, are sketchy for quite sometime before they mysteriously reappear. Hawkeye leaves the Avengers and assumes the role as leader of the Thunderbolts [See file 8214-4 THUNDERBOLTS//Cross reference 4127-4 OSBORN, NORMAN], a team of reformed super villains acting as heroes. Barton uses his training learned from Captain America to turn the Thunderbolts into a formidable, cohesive team. The team goes up against a number of foes, including the devilish Mephisto. Barton is arrested and the past misdeeds of the members of the Thunderbolts are pardoned on the condition that they give up their heroics. Eventually the team reforms and Barton hands over leadership of the Thunderbolts to Citizen V [See file 9142-4 WATKINS III, JOHN].

Once again rejoining the Avengers, Barton strikes up a relationship with The Wasp [See file 132-6 VAN DYNE, JANET “JAN”]. During this time, the Scarlet Witch’s sanity begins to unravel, her hex abilities wreaking havoc on the world. One such manifestation is a Kree Warship above the Avenger’s mansion in New York City. As the team battles the “invasion”, Hawkeye is seriously injured and, in one final heroic flail, pilots a hovercraft into the engines of the warship, destroying it and ending the battle. He perishes as a result.



Avengers Spotlight: HawkeyeHawkeye’s death is as confusing as his life. Reports show that by the end of M-Day event [See file 34127-9 DECIMATION//Cross-reference MAXIMOFF, WANDA] Barton, under the advice of Doctor Strange [See file 1072-1 STRANGE, DR. STEPHEN] goes to Wundergore Mountain, where he meets and becomes intimate with a powerless Wanda Maximoff. (Reports show that this opportunity would have been ideal to infiltrate Barton, but at the time, his whereabouts were unknown to us). Upon returning to the United States, Barton learns of the assassination of Captain America [See file 012-9 ROGERS, STEVEN (DEATH)]. Tony Stark offers Barton the mantle of Captain America but he refuses, insecure at the idea. He adopts the identity of Ronin [See file 7071-3 LOPEZ, MAYA/ECHO] and joins the team of New Avengers [See file 025-3 NEW AVENGERS]. With the defeat of Norman Osborn and his team of Dark Avengers, Barton has once again resumed the role of Hawkeye, returning to his original weapon of choice of a bow and arrows.

Avengers Spotlight: HawkeyeWhile attempts to convert Clint Barton to the ways of Hydra have provided unsuccessful in the past, our psychologists are confident that he is the most likely candidate for infiltration. He is brash and cocky, understanding his physical prowess to be superior to normal humans, and even a number of the super powered population. We can take advantage of his indecisive nature as well as his frequent romantic relationships. Given the correct resources and psychological conditioning, it is our supreme belief that Clint Barton, the hero known as Hawkeye, can be turned to become an agent of Hydra.





Hail Hydra!

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Dude this was so badass!!!! Great job! Hail Hydra!

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