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Thor surrounded by lightning

Each week we will be releasing a new character piece from the highly anticipated “Avengers” that hits theaters on May 4th.  Check out the previous Avengers character piece here.  Stay tuned for more character pieces each week as we get closer to the release of Joss Whedon’s superhero team up flick.














Name/Alias:Thor Odinson also known aliases as follows: Donald Blake, Jake Olson, Siegmund, Siegfried, Sigurd Jarlson, and Eric Masterson

Age: Unknown

Birth Date: Unknown

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Weight: 640 pounds (as Donald Blake 150)

Height: 6’6 (as Donald Blake 5’9)

Abilities: The power of the God’s (Warriors Madness), God of Thunder, and the ability to wield the power of his hammer “Mjolnir

Thor wielding the power of MjolnirA TALE OF A BOY 

Odin, the father of Thor and King of Asgard realized Thor was not taking the right path to one day becoming King.  Even though he would show signs of what it took become a truly great king, he still held onto the foolish and arrogant antics of a boy.  After nearly starting a war between Frost Giants and Asgardians, Odin knew he had to do something. In a last ditch effort to make Thor realize what it truly means to be a God, he put Thor in the body of med student Donald Blake to ensure he learned humility.  Blake was partially disabled; being the perfect host for Thor to experience struggle and frustration.  Having absolutely no memories of being a God, or his life in Asgard he learned to appreciate life as he met the love of his life Jane Foster.  One day there was an Alien attack and Blake ran into a cave only to discover Mjolnir and rediscover the power of Thor.


Thor enjoyed the double life of being around Jane and treating patients while defending Earth from all sorts of evil including horrors from Asgard, including his adopted brother Loki.   Even though Thor had over come his foolish and childish ways, he still had some issues with his father.  When Asgard came under attack Thor refused to come back home as he pleaded that Earth needed him, which Odin has punished him for time and time again.  As Loki grew more and more jealous of Thor his attacks became more and more hostile, and Loki quickly became the main antagonist to constantly be a thorn in Thor’s side.


Thor eventually formed a warrior type friendship with his father to stop Loki and other threats such as Frost Giants, Surtur, and Absorbing Man.  During this time, Thor would join up with childhood friends and other Asgardian Soldiers, The Warriors 3, as well as with another flame, the brave and beautiful Sif.   Balder, an Asgardian ally and Thor’s half brother, would also join them from time to time as they defended Asgard at all costs.


Although his father did not approve of Thor loving a mortal, Thor did not let that stop him from defending Earth from time to time, earning him a truly respected role as one of Earth’s saviors.  Eventually being offered a spot as a member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers.   Although Thor has gone back and forth between living in Asgard and Earth, he has still helped Earth whenever it needed it.


During the Civil War era it was revealed Tony Stark had cloned Thor.  At this time Thor had reestablished Asgard in Oklahoma (of all places…).  Stark and Thor were at odds throughout the whole thing as Thor’s clone was used to inspire the War.  Eventually Thor rejoined the new Avengers after the Superhuman Registration Act was put to an end.  Thor is currently the advisor for his half brother Balder, and a member of the Avengers once again.













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