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AZDarkPhoenix Gets Comic Booked!

Hi there!  I’m called many things, but around here I’ll go by “AZDarkPhoenix”.  I have an ability to move in and out among many different groups and types of people, so I’m bumping around in the desert now, but you never know where I’ll show up next.

I kind of backed into the world of comics, realizing first that I love the people who are fans, then getting out there to see what they were so excited about.  Fandom is contagious, and the more I read, the more I wanted to read.  The stories are compelling and the people are warm and engaging and hilarious.  I am enthralled.

My interests span an array of Marvel, DC, and another “galaxy far far away”.  I’ve been known to costume on occasion in a variety of genres, and I tend to like to travel for conventions of various sorts.  You want to hear about it, I’ll bring back the lowdown.

Hit me up for comments, concerns, questions, telling me I got some bit of minutia totally wrong.  I can take it.

You can follow me on Twitter:  @AZDarkPhoenix

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Welcome aboard AZDarkPhoenix. Please refrain from obliterating the universe.


I will take your request under advisement, but as we all know…

Things happen.

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