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Marvel Ball Gown Ideas for Avenger Fans

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Artist Kelsey Michele draws some of the most creative, beautiful and detailed Marvel Ball Gowns concept art.  Consider this an insider tip on how to dress for that special event where you want to wow the crowd and inspire attendees in an under cover cosplay.

Talented Kelsey drew these amazing gowns with flowing curves, comic references and fem fatale mojo pouring out all over! They are incredible renditions of well liked and traditional comic characters that work well and assist the never ending plight to bring more women and girls into the comic loving realm.

Already planned your festive holiday wardrobe and not able to recreate a Marvel themed dress in the time left this year? Never fear – now is the time to start your 2016 event planning with Marvel in mind with these great ideas at your finger tips!

Guys, putting together some comic themed dapper duds are easier than you think and will compliment any Marvel gown shown below.  Try a black suit with an eye patch for Director Fury, bring your best mechanical arm for Coulson or shake it up as Tony Stark in a suit with sun glasses while sporting a goatee!  It’s fun, easy and a great under cover cosplay costume idea for the holidays or any special event!

Avengers, ball gown, Marvel, Deviant Art

avengers ball gown group12341


avengers ball gown group123451
avengers ball gown group1231

avengers ball gown group11


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