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Bane Breaks the Bat

Once he was the man who broke that Bat.

It was 1993, and DC’s editorial staff had decided it was time to break down all of their characters, killing, maiming and driving them to the brink of insanity.  It was Doomsday for Superman, an Emerald Twilight for Green Lantern and for Batman, well it was Bane.

BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #6Now Bane is about to get his New 52 debut in BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #6, the conclusion of the title’s opening story arc, courtesy of Paul Jenkins and David Finch, which also features appearances by The Flash and Superman.  The issue also has 1:25 alternative cover by Finch.

Bane, raised the hellish prison Peña Dura in the island nation of Santa Prisca, first appeared in the BATMAN: VENGEANCE OF BANE special (cover dated Jan 93).   After his escape, he decided to go to Gotham to take on Batman because, well that’s what you do to earn respect in the Gotham City criminal world.  After wearing Batman down by freeing all the inmates in Arkham, Bane took on the Dark Knight directly, brutally defeating him.  This lead to the temporary replacement of Batman with the Az-Bats (Jean Paul Valley).  Since then, Bane has seen highs (SECRET SIX) and lows (the movie BATMAN & ROBIN) as a character.

This just ahead of his appearance in Christopher Nolan’s final chapter in his Batman trilogy, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, played by Tom Hardy.

A 6 page preview of the issue  is now available on

BATMAN:THE DARK KNIGHT #6 a 32 page $2.99 comic goes on sale Wednesday Feburary 22.

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