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The Batgirl Movie Is Still A ‘Go’, This Time Without Joss Whedon


BatgirlBack in March of 2017, we reported that Joss Whedon had been attached to write and create a Batgirl movie, intended to be a part of the still new but rapidly burgeoning DC Entertainment Universe, the DC’s cinematic universe. It was to be developed with Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, the Warner Brothers Chief Content Officer, Toby Emmerich.

Then, in February of 2018, disaster struck the project as Joss Whedon exited; it was his “baby” from the start. “Batgirl is such an exciting project, and Warners/DC such collaborative and supportive partners, that it took me months to realize I really didn’t have a story,” Whedon told the press at the time.

And then, IT SEEMED, the project was dead in the water. With restructuring happening at the executive, management and creative levels of the DCEU, it seemed that the Batgirl project would be another casualty of this shakeup just like Cyborg, Justice League 2, Flashpoint, Gotham City Sirens and so many others. The only ones pushing forward, are Aquaman, Suicide Squad 2, the Scorsese helmed Joker origin movie The Batman and – well – not much else as solid.

But now, it seems, the studio does indeed want to keep pushing forward on some of these projects, including Batgirl.

Now, two months after Whedon stepped away, the studio has tapped Christina Hodson to write the script for the standalone movie. Hodson wrote the Bumblebee movie for Hasbro, currently in post-production, as well as Unforgettable and Shut In. She is also the writer working on a Birds of Prey script for Warner Brothers, a project that got its start in the rumor mill as a solo Harley Quinn movie all the way back in 2016.

With Wonder Woman now having been such the success it was, and with Marvel’s Captain Marvel as well as the rumored Black Widow film in the works, it makes sense for DC to continue to push forward with female-led superhero films. The market and the audience most certainly want more!

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